Miss Canada finalist disqualified, used to be a man (8 Photos)

Vancouver’s Jenna Talackova was everything Miss Universe Canada was looking for when she was selected among 65 finalists for the 2012 competition, blonde, 6' 1", and smart.

But the 23-year-old has been disqualified from the competition because she was born a male. Jenna had sexual reassignment surgery when she was 19.

Pageant organizers released a statement,

“She did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form,”
We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best,” it concludes, without specifying what requirements she did not meet."

Apparently the rules of the pageant actually specify that you must be, "a natural born female" (has this happened before??)

I have to admit, if there was a Miss Canada Transgender she's got my vote. Chivers, would you?

  • disguy

    #8 Find the one in blue!!!!!!

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Nah man… The one in the yellow.. WAIT!! I MEAN…. FUUUUUCCKKK

    • SilkySapper

      also a dude

    • reaperMEDIC

      Blue is ROCKING the GAP!

      • Willy

        That was my first thought…haha.

    • Simon Robert

      you hot bt there is some weak holes…

  • etc4779

    Das Nasty!!

    • Jay

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    • MikeyMate

      Doesn't matter had sex!

    • Timothy

      Not one single hip…….not nary one.

    • Elmuchomacho

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    • think about it

      Considering her vagina was constructed via surgery by another male id say there's a good chance she is tighter then a regular girl……

      • Turdwig

        Or maybe even it was constructed via surgery by a real live female

  • etc4779

    #3 I would take Miss Korea however….

    • Rob

      She looks like she could've been a man as well.

      • morebeer

        well, you know….she is asian

    • pat

      Miss Korea was a man too. That photo was taken at the Miss transgender pageant.

      • etc4779


        • Miss Ma'am


      • 2Tall

        I don't even want to know, how you know this 😀

    • Csquaredapparel

      they are both tucking!

    • tommytwotime

      no shit! so hot!

      • Kigero

        in all fairness if this is what their men look like then… well you can see where i'm going with this

    • http://www.facebook.com/DontDie Justin Uy

      it's a trap!

    • Steve

      That is a man as well.

    • TheMoose03

      It's a risky world for men these days..

    • http://twitter.com/Cupcakeebabii @Cupcakeebabii

      Miss Korea is a male too I read this article the other day I think it's funny that people say ewe gross knowing that miss Canada was a guy by reading the article and would say good things about miss Korea when she's a male too there's all a YouTube interview of this as well.

  • amon

    Hahaha i would EWWIEE

  • vindi

    Top 10?

  • Anonymous

    I’d tap it, like a maple tree.

  • Burt Reynolds

    Id still hit it.

    • etc4779

      Yeah, but what happens when that image of her having a dong pops into your head?

      • tango

        forget the long one burt isnt scared of any mans dong

      • ThatGuy

        I don't think about dicks while fucking women, so no problem. She is post op.

        • that guy sucks balls

          its a MAN not a woman

          • ThatGuy

            Its a woman.

            • John

              Agreed. I'd still hit it too.

    • Blake

      That dude has nice tits

    • Heavyhand

      If after a night of making out we got home and I found out…
      I'd hit it too… probably throw in a few kicks as well.

      • ThatGuy

        That's disgusting. People have been murdered by sick, insecure fucks like you.

        • Heavyhand

          No… not like me.
          As I was obviously just making a play on words.
          Although I would still be pretty upset if he/she didn't tell me.

          Calm down jackass.

          • ThatGuy

            You're joking about hate crimes and I'm the jackass?

            • Heavyhand


              • ThatGuy

                Keep digg'n that whole, buddy.

                • guy

                  you are an idiot!

                • Heavyhand

                  Whole what?
                  I sure ain't digging the whole drama queen act.

                • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

                  Shia LaBeouf got a sex change??? Why wasn't I informed of this!?

          • Cobb

            I'd hit it once twice & three times. She it had a total sex change.

        • hah!

          good, do not pretend to be a woman and not tell someone when u fuck them…….. its not that casual 🙂

    • fignewton

      I would fuck the absolute dog cuss out of it…and not for one second think of a dong.

      • CaptainInsano

        where are you from?

    • Dorque

      I'd only hit it a little bit.

    • Why_not?

      Sure would

    • real man

      you guys are all fagg's and desperate what kind of a REAL man would even consider this "thing"

      • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

        To call a human being a "thing", shows what kind of "real man" you are.

    • Burt reynolds

      she probably loves anal and doesn't act completely crazy like a lot of women. basically its win win.

      • bblondon

        What straight man would actively prefer anal over vaginal sex? Owing, you or the people who liked your comment could be bi but If you aren't interested in or are turned off by vaginal sex then I think you can see where I'm going.

  • Not a fan


  • Machine_head

    The future scares the shot out of me….

  • ShesGotMyVote

    Hot damn. I would totally Do that

  • Pbootie

    I… I… I would :O

    • Mikeyd

      That's right, Canada is so hot that even our men compete in international beauty pageants,

  • Anonymous

    ummm no

  • ShesGotMyVote

    Find Her/him/it!!!

  • whaddup

    I wonder how many guys have seen this story and are now scrubbing the bajesus out of their balls and crying in the shower.

    • http://twitter.com/TravisMoss7 @TravisMoss7

      you guessed it right

    • Logicyup

      Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is a man! Oh my God! Einhorn is a man!…. On another note, we respect you so much, get the fuck out of here, but we respect you.

      • Guy

        Logicyup: I do not know you…but you are my hero.

      • musclerobot

        I agree with that Guy

        • real

          I cant believe half these guys are ok with sleeping with this thing even after they read its a man…this world just doesn't surprise me any more where have the senses of real men gone?? are we really that desperate for some ass…..smh wow

          • FAQ-U

            You can't believe? but it doesn't surprise you….yeah you're really smart.

          • lavmdmv

            Dude hater

    • blob

      fuck people that r not open minded

    • Benjamin

      I have NEVER actually laughed out loud before i read this comment…..thats figgen awesome!!!

    • lavmdmv

      way to many

  • Maynard B.

    That's just not right.

  • MattKL

    The doctor who performed the surgery is damned good from the looks of things. I would take the one on the left in #8 though.

    • bones

      yeah, she had a great gap!

      • bones


      • Tehjones

        because thats where the balls used to be.

        • Miss Ma'am

          u know it!

      • Ned_Plimpton

        Yeah, but so does the dude #nohomo

        • ThatGuy

          You do realize that these pics are from a transgender pageant. Right and left are both TS.

          • SadeShadz

            lol wow xD

    • Dizz

      shes a man too, story will hit tomorrow : p

    • MacNCheesePro

      I watched the interview where she admitted her transgenderness. She said she started hormone treatments when she was really young, like early teens. Probably most of the reason she looks so much like a woman instead of a bull dike drag queen.

  • Shar11


    • ThatGuy

      Nobody wants you skank ass, bitch.

    • REAL

      I am with you girl no amount of beauty would make me want to consider a MAN SHE

      • Farting Frog

        Thank you.

  • Yessirr

    I would have never known. And still not entirely convinced.. Scary…

    • Biggus Diccus

      Yeah, he must have looked very feminine beforehand. I'm curious as to what the 'vagina' looks like.

      • ThatGuy

        Actually post op vaginas are very similar to natural vaginas functionally and aesthetically.

        • thatguy sux ass

          no constructive puss will EVER be like a natural puss…..

          • Rick_

            Meaning you've experienced both, right?

          • ThatGuy

            you don't know that.

    • ThatGuy

      What are you scared of, exactly?

      • Yessirr

        How many of those one night stands were once dudes? That's what.

        • ThatGuy

          Why does it matter?

          • that guy sucks balls

            wow bro relax it seems like ur the the guy in this post…..this dude is fuking gross…PPL have the right to state their opinion going around gettn mad and all….go back to your fucking mom's basement and fuck a doll since thats what u like doing…u fuking looser

            • ThatGuy

              A right to state an opinion does not confer immunity to criticism. Deal with it.

          • Yessirr

            Because penis.

            • ThatGuy

              I think you'll find life more enjoyable when you grow out of worrying about that kind of thing.

              • Yessirr

                haha my life's great, buddy. Ya might want to be more careful about assuming things about people. Seems like you need to stop taking yourself so seriously and work on that sense of humor. Remember, nobody likes "that guy".

                • ThatGuy

                  I didn't say anything about the state of your except that you are worrying about something unnecessarily, which is never good. I'm glad your life is so good though.

                  • hah!

                    man ur lame

                • black27696

                  Did I stumble in to the youtube comments section?

                  • musclerobot

                    high five

                  • cody

                    True story bro

  • FolleRousse

    Well why have plastic surgery to be a ugly woman?

    • 6655321

      No surgery can fix your ugliness on the inside.

      • FolleRousse

        Well good thing no one was trying to fix that

  • bones

    Looks like Ivanka Trump …….

    • ouch

      I was thinking the same thing… LOL

    • mikedefoe


  • http://www.facebook.com/jcrescenzi Justin Crescenzi

    i'm confused how a man, regardless of surgery can have that figure?!?

    • Jon

      Hormones can do wonders especially if he had a more slender figure before the surgery.

    • April

      He has no figure….she is build like a 10 year old boy…with breast implants!!!…

    • Big Ro

      I was wondering the same thing

    • ChelseaRules

      They take a lot of hormones and hormone blockers before they can have the surgery.

      I have a transgender friend (male to female) and when she started her medication she became very curvaceous. Within like two months her boobs shot up to a C cup.

      • Warren

        You've given me a terrible idea.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Gfrancis45 Graham Francis

          hahaha warren you have made my day with this comment

      • steve

        You mean 'it'. Never will be a 'her'.

        • ThatGuy

          No, its a her. You're just an asshole.

          • steve

            You must have never studied DNA. Never will be a her. Ever. Period.

            • ChelseaRules

              You must have never studied English or psychology. Sex is science, but gender is pychosocial. If she has all the characteristics of a female, then her gender is female. Even though her sex or genotypes are that of a male.

              Also, that would make her a "him." Not an "it." So you're still wrong.

              • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

                Chelsea does rule. 🙂

            • ThatGuy

              You honestly believe gender, which encompasses behavior, physical structures, neurology and social function boils down to a single pair of chromosomes? How retarded are you? You aren't being scientific you are coming at the issue far too simplistically by applying a single pedigree test where many more factors come into play.

              • steve

                Gender is Xy or Xx. Not that complicated.

                • ThatGuy

                  That's sex, not gender. And its not quite that simple there are many possible sex chromosome configurations which can result in male or female phenotypes.

                  • ChodeLauncher

                    Can a post-op transgender conceive a child? No? Will never be female…

                    • ChelseaRules

                      Working at a fertility clinic, I see a lot of women who can't conceive. They're all still women.

                    • Louie

                      That's a logical fallacy…

                      Your logical reasoning looks like:

                      Males can't have babies

                      Therefore, if someone can't have a baby, they must be male.

                      This is obviously wrong.

                      Females are born with the ability to have babies — end of story. Just because a female can't have a baby for medical reasons, doesn't change that fact.

                    • ChelseaRules

                      Females, in general, are categorized as being able to conceive, but that's a generalization. A person with XX chromosomes can also be born without ovaries, or just with no eggs, but their sex would still be female. What defines someone's sex is their chromosomes; not their ability to birth a child.
                      But what defines someone's gender is their psychology and what they identify with.

                    • Someguy

                      Women who are unable to conceive are unable because of circumstance. Men who try to become women by mutilating themselves whether physically, chemically, or in most cases both, are unable because of design. This guy's psyche tells him he's a woman on the inside? Sorry but his psyche is wrong. He's as human as the rest of us but to say that he's natural or right or whatever you want to say to treat this like it's just a choice for preference is just plain wrong. It's a rejection of who he really is, whether he's aware of it or not, and it's terribly sad. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

                    • A_S

                      Chealsea rules. She's good looking and smart.

                    • goodsir

                      With that logic I can conclude any woman born without the ability to have a child or due to circumstances (ovaries removed, etc) they are not female. Seems legit.

                    • LumpySpacePrincess

                      If you define yourself as being a woman solely because you have a functioning uterus… then… wow.

                • LumpySpacePrincess

                  uhh… If you're arguing about "sex" it *is* actually complicated. You can get XO, they are female. You can get XXX, also female. You can also get XXY, those people are male. You can also have women who are fully biologically functioning while having XY chromosomes, and men who are XX (and therefore can't have sons). It just depends on how the chromosomes rearrange during independent assortment.

                  Gender on the other hand is psychological. I am biologically female, but identify as gender-neutral.

                  (degree in biology)

                  • ChelseaRules

                    Exactly! What about Jamie Lee Curtis? Her chromosomes are XY, but she's obviously a female. She was born with a vagina, no penis, and is genetically a male, but physically a female. She didn't get surgery to become that way, she was born that way.
                    Technically, we all start out as little gender-neutral blobs in utero, and then we switch to female, and then some switch to male. So we're all a bunch of gender flip-floppers! And it's nature! Ta-da!

                    • GOD

                      wtf how is jamie lee curtis 'genetically' a male? she's a woman. and the dude in the bathing suit is a man no matter how big his fake tits are.

                    • ChelseaRules

                      It's called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

          • that guy sucks balls

            ur a ass fuker….

            • ThatGuy

              Good response, dipshit.

            • will


            • Co-Rex

              If you're going to insult a man, at least do it on a level slightly higher than the equivalent of a chimpanzee flinging poo.

        • ChelseaRules

          She's more of a woman than any of the mutants that would consider you. I can tell you that much.

          • steve


            • ThatGuy


              You got stomped in the argument buddy, better adjust your vocabulary accordingly if you don't want to keep looking like a stupid tool.

            • ChelseaRules

              Let me tell you about my friend. She served in the US military for 20 years so dipshits like you had the right to be dipshits to people like her. She had to hide a huge part of who she was for the majority of her life so that she could fulfill her duty to the country she loves, even though it's full of assholes like you who would never so much as look at her than thank her.

              So tell me, Steve. How does it make you feel that someone who longed to be a woman their whole life is still more of a man than you?

              • to each their own

                As long as she isnt a bad person it shouldn't matter at all, there's a lot more problems in this world than complaining about the way someone would like to live their life.

              • Steamboat Willie

                This is absolutely absurd but just to play devils advocate…

                What if I am a guy but identify as a really manly lesbian. Can I go and get the sex on my drivers license changed to female without having to change anything about myself physically?

                • ChelseaRules

                  If you have a penis then your sex is male. If you get gender reassignment surgery they can change it to female.
                  The point of putting your sex on your drivers license is to help identify you, so putting "male" on a now woman's license would hinder more than it would help.

                  • Steamboat Willie

                    This is where I'm getting confused… So based off of what you just said Jenna Talackova was a man until she had gender reassignment surgery at age 19 even though she identified herself as a woman since age 4?

                    And to clarify my previous post, I was trying to say that my proposed scenario was absurd not the story or discussion in general.

                    • ChelseaRules

                      Her sex is still male. But her gender has always been female (or since she began identifying herself as such). So her first drivers license probably said "F" when it asked for sex, because she was physically identified as a female. That's what this whole long and ridiculous rant is about: sex vs gender, DNA vs psychology.

                    • A_S

                      You said her sex is still male and she is physically identified as a female? What? After surgery, is she considered a female or male? female?

                    • ChelseaRules

                      Her chromosomes are always going to be XY, so her sex will always be male, but gender can be changed because it isn't based on chromosomes. A person's gender is what you refer to them as: either a boy or a girl, because gender is what you see. You don't see a person's sex, because that depends on their genes.

            • Julia

              Exactly – It. It went from male to neuter, as it cannot transform into female as much as it would like to – its genetic makeup wont let it. Its like a spider trying to become a ant, no matter how much it tries, it won't succeed. Our society is trying to push "gender as attitude rather than genetics" so that those who felt for five minutes that they wanted to be the opposite sex ( and rather than their parents telling them to get over it, indulged them.) can continue down their mentally ill path as they avoid the issues that made them want to be the opposite sex in the first place. They deal with those issues, they move on. I know, I wanted to be a boy, as I believed boys didn't get abused by girls did. I got help, got over it, didn't want to be a boy anymore. Congradulations, Steve for standing up to these people who are so brainwashed to accept anyones identity issues no matter how screwed up that they will ignore nature, science, and DNA.

              • Julia

                *abused BUT girls did.

              • k2thev

                I can see you still don't understand the difference between sex and gender. Open up a psych book or go back to church.

              • ThatGuy

                Wow, dumbest thing I've ever read. Look up gender dysphoria and read it.

                • Julia

                  Gender dysphoria doesn't exist. It was created by parents indulging momentary fantasies of children/teens, rather than making them face the facts – 'you are what you are, deal with it.' So many parents will not indulge their children when they say they are super heroes etc, but due to societal pressure will hem and haw over telling their kids to deal, and tha damages the kids beyond belief, as evidenced by them thinking they want their sex organs mutilated. Parents need to grow up, stop falling for media/society b.s., and raise their children correctly.

                  • ChelseaRules

                    You've got to be shitting me.

                  • ThatGuy

                    That's simply a lie.

                  • chelsea Fan

                    Except for this woman, she knew she was a woman and has been living as female for a long time. You wanted to be a boy because you were scared of getting abused? Grow up, that is not the same thing at all, it is not even a comparable situation.

                    Go Chelsea

                    • Julia

                      I wanted to be a boy from a young age (5-6 yrs of age) to my teens because I was severely abused by my father from the time I was a infant. The difference between myself and the subject we are discussing is that I was not indulged when my symptoms of mental illness (the desire to change my gender/sex.) progressed – instead I was given treatment for the underlying issues that generated the desire in the first place. If I HAD been indulged I probably would have my genitals mutilated now, and still have the unresolved issues. I was very lucky in that respect. Mutilation solves nothing.

                    • ChelseaRules

                      You were conditioned to think a certain way. Not every transgender person was abused as a child.

                  • LumpySpacePrincess

                    uhh… I think when someone goes through a sex change operation, it's usually because the desire to do so is more than just a "momentary fantasy"….

                    • Julia

                      A momentary fantasy can grow into a mental mind monster if indulged. Parents in todays culture are so namby pamby they don't even understand how to maintain their childrens mental health – they are too confused and unsure due to listening to "experts" in society that tell them to wrap little Johnny in bubble wrap and don't ever tell them that what they want is wrong – it might harm their 'self image'. I've seen it time and time again in my practicums, however I have also been fortunate enough to observe/assist with good psychologists that worked hard to help their child clients and undo the damage their parents have, often unwittingly, done to them.

                    • ThatGuy

                      Yeah and they're all busy listening to the enema man and snoopy poopy poop dog.

                      Honestly if you do work in counselling i'd be willing to bet a few dollars you've left a trail of damaged goods in your wake with that staggering ignorance.

                    • ChelseaRules

                      Something I found that I liked:

      • ero sennin

        I wonder?…if my wife ( with "a" cups took some of those meds, will her boobs get bigger too? hmmm

        • ChelseaRules

          No, it doesn't work that way. A woman taking extra estrogen could cause early onset menopause.

        • LumpySpacePrincess

          What's wrong with A?

          • bsitz

            They're small

            • ChelseaRules

              Small boobs are rad. She can go braless all over town and no one will shield their children's eyes to save their innocence!
              I think you should just appreciate your wife's body. If she's happy with it, you should be, too.

  • stonewall_79

    I don't know why people make a big deal about been disqualified if he used to be a guy and this is MISS universe contest but she's hotter than too many real girls I'll give her that.

    • ThatGuy

      Because she isn't a guy anymore, and has never lived as a guy. She identified as a woman from the age of four and starting taking hormones at age 14.

      • stonewall_79

        It doesn't matter how she feels man, read the rules "a natural born female" and I have nothing against these people just saying.

        • ThatGuy

          The rules are bullshit. Now an inferior woman is going to represent canada because of a technicality. And the rules didn't initially say natural born female, that is the trump camps explanation.

          • stonewall_79

            Hey bro take it easy there are contests of beauty for these people and she'd win there but leave the girls contest alone.

            • ThatGuy

              But she's a girl.

              • thatguy sux ass

                ITS a MANNN not WOMAN will NEVER be a TRUE WOMAN

                • ThatGuy

                  Typing it in angry blog style won't make it true.

                  • Sturve

                    But the fact it is true makes it true

                    • 4dub

                      whats the big deal about her participating anyways? Even though she was born a man she's practically a women now. Why be such sticklers about what gender she was born as? they afraid she might win?

                    • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

                      I think the decision on whether this was right or not depends on if they allow surgically enhanced women to participate, i.e. implants, collagen, botox, etc. If those are allowed in, I don't see any technicality that dismisses her/him. It will probably end up changing in the next 10-15 years if they do let in women with implants and stuff like that because it is technically discriminating otherwise. 😥 It's just so damn confusing…

        • ThatGuy

          Also transsexuals are born with feminized brain features. So you could argue that she was born as a female with birth defects. Does having surgery to correct what you are born with disqualify someone from miss universe? Apparently not.

          • bruce

            you really enjoy the devils advocate role don't you?

            • ThatGuy

              I'm not playing devil's advocate, I'm just right.

              • been

                No you're just obsessed with refuting every comment where someone doesn't agree with you. You have made your position clear enough in the countless comments posted: you are attracted to this women, you have no problem with TS women and are attracted to them. Move on with your life

      • black27696

        "hormones at age 14"

        Ohhhhhhhhh. I was so confused at her bone structure and figure, but she was doing that through puberty. Now I understand.

    • CLM

      But there's nothing natural about this competition- all the girls are plastered in makeup, fake tan, some have probably had cosmetic surgery… they might be 'natural born females' but they're not natural. She is currently a woman and should be allowed to compete.

      • and

        that's semantics and you're reaching. Whether or not the rules are ridiculous is one thing but we all know what they mean by 'natural' born. They do not mean : natural hair colour, no fake nails etc. Stop being stupid.

    • stonewall_79

      You know what I'm tired arguing no sense and I'm out of my own comment. LOL

      • ThatGuy

        Sucks to lose, doesn't it, bitch?

        • stonewall_79


          • ThatGuy

            You're just mad at this point because you've got nothing to say.

            • Dumbeaner

              fuckin retard, you just got owned.

              • ThatGuy


              • stonewall_79

                Thanks bro but I think this guy didn't get it LOL

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617688376 Rose Smedile

    I would have liked to see how far she would have made it in the pageant had they not found out.

  • Jon

    Without knowing that she used to be a he I have to say she isn’t bad looking.

    • ThatGuy

      She's good looking whether you know her history or not.

      • thatguy sux ass

        its a MAN looser

      • thatguy's lost logic

        dude quit trolling so hard.

  • jimmy

    Dude looks like a lady…

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