• me!


  • wedge

    good gravy

  • Breck

    Holy S*&T!!!

  • Tom

    theres a fuckin string attached from the stick to the ball. NOT A COOL TRICK!!!!!!!!!

  • T. Dog

    I don't understand the menacing music in the background. how does that accentuate pool? i keep waiting for some climatic moment that never comes, however I do appreciate their creativity with the different arrangements.

  • DChiver

    I am getting my first child a pool table the day he is born 😀

  • Zrock76

    Pretty cool shots although the music had me feeling like I was still playing Mass Effect 3

  • Nolaboy

    your virginity is safe for another night…

  • Dan

    30 second advertisement at the start of each video, not cool.

    • Alex


    • https://www.facebook.com/Sanchez53 Chase Gomez

      No skips either!

  • Matt

    Someone's still a virgin.

    • Rob

      does it make you feel good picking on people, ONLINE, who have skills you dont have? grow up man -__-

  • Lavmdmv

    id hustle ppl with those skillz

  • Dan

    They also use those sticks to beat away all those girls that are trying to steal their virginity.

  • BRam

    Where did he get all the black balls?

  • Jcliff

    Scratch!!!! Doesn't count…

  • Fred

    Which movie is the song/music from?

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