Sometimes you get a defective batch of mail order brides (30 Photos)

Yes, these are real mail order brides waiting to be added to cart. Yes, I spend more time online fantasy shopping for one than I should. We all have our hobbies, ya' know? But I'm not sold yet on these...

  • Digs

    #19 eh fuck it, i'll take one for the team.

    • bobby

      Which team? The Chicago Bears?

    • Swamp1983

      she got some good curves

      • Whitey

        Shes a guy…

    • Jdizzle

      No, Kill it!… Kill it with fire!..

    • Cecil

      In this case I think the one you might be taking is nearly identical to the one you already have.
      I suspect, though cannot prove, that there is a large, uncircumcised penis hidden behind that tree.

    • Digs

      nah, it'd just take more booze than some of the other ones thats all.

    • branda

      Here is one babygirl003

      • cain

        Come home003

  • @budman43224

    #9 I'll take one

    • r@f

      #30 Has a kid?! >‿<

      • Ray

        Ready made family….just add a dude

      • Guse

        At least you know she puts out…..

      • Ziggy

        It's probably the most honest pic on the site.

  • Scott

    I’m sold on #15. What’s with all the oranges and grapes? And pretty much all of them, WTF?

    • kychiver

      I was thinking the same thing about the fruit. I don't get it either.

    • @TheEdgemerian

      Didn't you ever see the Seinfeld episode with the Japanese businessmen and the oranges? Maybe oranges are rare where ever she's from?

  • JamesMfp

    They should have taken pictures in the kitchen

  • Jimmy the Saint

    #18 Still would.

    • tmc

      Id stick all the grapes up her ass, orange in her mouth, then pound that little box :)) lol

      • @brewdub17

        Yeah.. bout that.. People like you keep the marriage rate low and the divorce rate high

    • ThatGuy

      But why can't she hold
      all those oranges?

      Not quite up to snuff for me.

    • Ken

      I'd give her a different pearl necklace 🙂 ha

    • derwood1989

      She's gorgeous, nothing's wrong with her.

  • Sterling

    So what's wrong with #3?

    • Corey

      Good question. I can't find anything defective here.

    • Kreiger

      big rack, willingness to wear latex, and her preferred sex position is displayed via her hat

    • Bob

      some lump in her pants…

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Lack of kitchen and lack of sandwich.

    • spliggs

      An XJS? What is this, 1978?!

    • fed

      she can XJS me anytime!

    • tony mc

      she's been snorting exhaust fumes! obviously!!

  • Anonymous


  • Kreiger

    #28 uhhh… gross

    • Bam

      might be a mail order husband in disguise.

    • RVA_KCCO

      Mind the gap!

      • oliverklosov

        That's a Midline Diastema.

        • Cyril

          Dentist humor wah wah

    • Smitth

      I must break you

    • Slingshot Engage

      looks like a dude

    • eps617

      I think this might be a dude… yikes

  • reebus


  • carlosazucena1

    i dont see any defect… they are women… that's enough
    att. forever alone

  • Eric

    Stalin would be proud!

  • reebus

    i humbly retract my last comment about being first.. there was no comment when i posted that and until i hit refresh.. so that being said.. 20th! chive on my friends

    • Nick

      It doesn't matter if you were first or twentieth, making a post only because of what number poster you were is kinda lame, and people should really stop doing it.

      • stonewall_79


  • is awesome

    they is all butters bruv

  • jjj

    #17 So is it a 2 for 1 on the bride and Sara Jessica Parker?

    • anger

      well fuckin' done!Now that was a funny as comment.cheers

  • danallard

    #23 – Eddie Van Halen?

    • kychiver

      Is it just me or is her right hand way too long?

      • David Lee Roth

        That really does look like Eddie Van Halen

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Best f'n comment I've seen on here in a long time…well done!!

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    I see nothing wrong with #10 and #15. In fact, I see a lot RIGHT.

    • Scott B.

      I'll wrestle you for #10

      • Dunny_

        and the award for least heterosexual statement made on today goes to……

      • Indiana Chive Fan

        How about I cut out the middle man and just wrestle #10 myself?

    • Not a fan

      You don't grasp cheesy, do you.

  • Eddie

    #4 or #12 r both hot as shit

    • GiOrGoS

      yeah, i dont really see why 4 is on this list. she is hot as hell

      • PianoFingers

        #4 is on the list because of grapes. No matter how cute or otherwise brideable the girl is, this post is very much about the pose and the styling of the picture. Likewise, #12 is on the list because of the not-so-subtle luggage she's pushing in front of her, giving the impression that she's willing to move to another country for *$*love*$*
        You can also add the #21 for a desperate "I have cleavage AND I do chores".
        Just sayin'…

        • GiOrGoS

          if that's the only reason for #4 then fair enough. otherwise, i don't see anything bad about her

  • LucretiusCarus

    #4 #5 #18 Something about Russians and fruit, huh? Insert witty joke here.

    • Spellwvr

      In Russia, fruit poses YOU!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      You are what you Eat, ya Fruit.

  • truestory

    #4-12 thanks and whats up with the fruits

    • KCCO

      #4 is hot!

    • cx9carb


    • zighawk73

      #4 is smokin' I can get past her love of grapes.

    • pingthis

      Maybe she likes to massage the grapes when soaking the cork…

  • Deep Thoughts Jack H

    I'm certain the photographer has a fruit fetish and is telling these women that American men are turned on by fruit. When most of us aren't.

    • thatguy

      speak for yourself! mmmmmm….papaya….. *closes curtains*

      • Fish

        Yeah I really, really love melons… I mean dam Big, Round, Green Melons

  • bagofrocks

    #30 Comes with baggage

    • Whitey

      its called a fuck trophy…

      • quiksaand

        that made me giggle…..

  • Butterball

    #6 will kill you in your sleep.

    • Brian

      Might not wait for sleep.

    • Shinanigins

      She's got the crazy eyes

    • Cecil

      That's like saying she has ovaries twice dude.

  • Dearth Chive

    I really hope forever alone guy see this post, I’d bang half of them for free, and the other half for some free Russian vodka . I mean pussy is pussy and well it’s all the same in the dark hahahahahha ..




    …… Nothing to do here

    • Cecil

      Congratulations sir, you are in fact, everything wrong with modern masculinity.
      Pussy is pussy, and I mean, what else is there to really live for? All that matters in life in getting laid.

  • Some guy

    These girls are busted!


    #21 just because of the plane

    • sandy astroglide

      She can scrub my undercarriage anytime!

    • northerner

      Me, too, and I'd like to know what aircraft it is and what museum it's in…

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