Sometimes you get a defective batch of mail order brides (30 Photos)

Yes, these are real mail order brides waiting to be added to cart. Yes, I spend more time online fantasy shopping for one than I should. We all have our hobbies, ya' know? But I'm not sold yet on these...

  • TIM

    I must be way to horny, because I'd bang all of them. Even if #28 IS a man…

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, #7 and #18 are sending a very clear message.

  • tru2thefew


  • Anothermuser

    Stay away from crazy eyes!! #6 eeshh

  • MonkeyMadness

    The reason Chive describes them as defective is because they're all over the age of 12. It's obvious Chive loves its child porn.

  • CM Web Empire

    […] by admin. Posted in Uncategorized Sometimes you get a defective batch of mail order brides (30 Photos) – theCHIVE 28Mail order madness 16 Sometimes you get a defective batch of mail order […]

  • Rich

    I don't think that #'s, #12,#21,#22, & #27 are bad 🙂

  • Jono

    I'd take a #4

  • Bevi

    #20 could come in handy for her pure strength.On the farm… out lumber jacking… on the building site… truck gets stuck in the mud…. Really, she would be an asset.

  • cryptic minx

    no these aren't girls you marry, some because they look like whores the others are prohibited by laws against marrying livestock…

  • Tom

    so critical all of these comments. I'd do every one of these chicks. I wouldn't marry them…..but I'd do'em!

  • trevor

    #24 looks like the actress from the Australian show "the straits" smells fishy…

  • Matt

    I'm lovin #3!!!!!!

  • dibbs

    #4 My left brain says – "She is Stupendis." My right brain responds – "Ya i'll say, she makes me completely stupid when she smiles at the camera like that."

  • yeah

    id let #4 feed me grapes. but would be afraid if #11 showed up at me door!lol

  • chivekkk

    Butt fucking ugly the whole lot of them. Definitely future chivettes!

  • Hardwick

    Im glad i found this site lots of pretty women looking to come back to the states003

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