This is the story of a puppy called Fiona (22 Photos)

Credit for this heartwarming piece goes to HopeforPaws. These amazing people rescue and rehabilitate animals then find them a home. Check out their touching website right here.

  • Gordon

    Made my day.

  • Roger

    the video is 100x more powerful

  • roger

    Great story. Bichon's are awesome dogs. And i say this as I prefer large dogs. But I have a bichon and it is a great dog … super easy and super smart.

  • Mike

    Hits home: I'm fostering a 6 week old kitten right now. Found it flea infested, infected eyes, and horribly malnurished. Now he's happy, healthy, and LOVES people. Next week Monte goes to his permanent home!

  • is awesome

    i need to chop some wood to feel manly again

  • scooter

    Someones slicing onions I guess..

  • danimal

    I like to think of myself as pretty hardcore (heartless) but this seriously touched me. like, down there.

  • NelPit

    I've been following these guys for a while on Facebook… Quite a legit rescue group. He needs to teach his techniques, so others can do this around the country.

  • Brandyman

    Chive on, Fiona

  • Guy Ford

    Damn you..story make Guy cry. Super stoked for Fiona & everyone involved to make her life the best!!

  • cait

    Yaaay! Thank u for rescuing this baby! Its good to see im not the onlyone out there!

  • Laurie

    I truly hope there's a special circle in hell for people who treat animals poorly. God Bless Fiona, and all the animals like her who haven't been rescued yet!

    PS – I think Fiona has earned a KCCO t-shirt! You have them for dogs, right? If you don't, you definitely should!

  • jack

    Anyone else get wood when they see malnourished animals?

  • etcrr

    What a fantastic story. Kudos

  • breaklance

    My dog this last summer passed away. She was, we believe, 13 and we rescued her when she was 2. We found her at a pretty awesome spot. In my area in Maryland so many animal shelters were full to capacity and often won't take any animal without knowing they already have had shots or other seemingly random things to expect from a stray or unwanted animal. But a group of people set up "foster" homes for animals where they'd take as many as they could and give them a temporary home. We found Missie, our beagle, in one of these homes where she was living with about 6 other dogs. The caretaker told us her story, how she and her littermates when they were still puppies were raised to be hunting dogs but then tied up and abandoned. How only Missie survived. Under normal circumstances she would of been put down long before we found her. They way I look at it, we gave her 11 wonderful years she otherwise never would of gotten if not for my family rescuing her, and the awesome program that rescued her from a shelter too. She was always timid, but the sweetest dog ever.

  • Bumhugs

    #6 It's too bad that the laws aren't very good when it comes to animal cruelty. How someone could do that to any animal is simply beyond me.

  • Dastrdly

    Well played sirs, well played.

  • Obe

    man there must be a ton of dust today its getting to my eyes. It's good to know that kindness and love still exist in this world.

  • dude

    its good to be a chiver because

  • wolfy317

    Thank you chive for this post. Feel good posts like this are always welcome!

  • Huzzah

    While we all recognize how awesome it was that someone helped her, I'm sure that no soul appreciates it more than that little dog.

  • Dantegeek34

    You do such great work for those that are truly in need. We need more like you.

  • apbtdog1

    Awesome guys, gotta love the pooches!

  • Dr Know

    WWhat a lucky Pup! Great job,all involved in the rescue. AWESOME HEART!

  • Eric

    If you didnt get emotional with the pics, try watching the video 😦

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