This is the story of a puppy called Fiona (22 Photos)

Credit for this heartwarming piece goes to HopeforPaws. These amazing people rescue and rehabilitate animals then find them a home. Check out their touching website right here.

  • Drake

    That is awesome.

  • Brian

    Were still waiting for a "dog Sunday" chive

  • Rachit Rai

    damn chive this is the fourth time u making my eyes water at work….only site which makes me laugh like a kid and cry like one….someday i shall also restore some faith in humanity…soon!

  • Pablo


  • Pablo

    God bless you folks.

  • Joe

    Absolutely DOING IT RIGHT.

  • casey

    I hate people who do this to dogs. They are the lowest dirt in this world. Thank you for the people who saved him. I cried reading this.

  • Grant Cowling

    This is beautiful and warmed my heart with tears of joy.

  • johnnyrandom

    Someone please stop cutting those onions.

  • amplidudes

    sweet story indeed … but… ah, sweet story, ya.

  • Kira

    I was full out crying just now! Great post Chive! ❤ these amazing people!

  • Paulie

    Not a word I use often, but heartwarming as hell!! Most would just walk on by. To take the time and effort to do something like that. Hats off to you!!


    It's awesome to see stories like this

  • Always Last

    Last!! Also, Yup and Rhino are right. We condemn the Madonna's and Angelina's of the world for "buying" babies but we won't even help the children in our own country who have no one else to turn to. Animals are great but people are sentient and deserve far more help than an animal.

  • Greg

    Very touching story It's real hard to get me to cry but I got watery eyes

  • lavmdmv

    You guys are awesome ppl making thew world a better place one pup at a time

  • lae_low


    #24 FTW.

  • Jay V

    I am having a horrible day, I almost got hit by a garbage truck on my motorcycle this morning and work has been horrible. Thanks for brightening my day.

  • cudaman

    We have 3 dogs & 4 cats. All of them have been adopted or rescued. Our Burmese cat died recently and I am just glad we were able to give him a good home for the past 14yrs. The breeders were going to euthanize the whole litter because they had white hairs in their coat. Some people only see $$ when it comes to pure breeds so always research who you are buyingadopting a pet from. Rest in peace Mookie.

  • Ryan Chino Pollard


  • Souljah420

    you guys are awesome!!!! great job!!! if only the rest of the world could learn from you 🙂

  • Tamara

    This is such a beautiful story. We are grateful for people like you to help those helpless animals that lack a good home and a loving family.

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