Weddings for those who took the path less traveled (35 Photos)

  • Jackhoe


  • Bunny

    #11 The breaching of humpback whales is really such a magnificent sight.

    • 0331

      Totally caught me drinking morning coffee. Now I have to clean the monitor.

    • cheddar

      I always wanted to go to the Polar Bear Swim in Vancouver…not sure if there will be enough room for me, however!!

    • nate45

      Man the harpoons!

  • Cameron

    #1 shotgun wedding!

    • some bloke

      Thank you Captain Obvious!

    • For Fucks Sake

      Are you related to etcrr?

    • Kyle Rebillion

      That's the joke…

  • jj. jenkins

    #33 is kick ass, the rest is WTF!

    • dat bear


      • Jammy

        Not sure about that. The guy had a show on the discovery channel and that's his bear.

        • mon

          she's an actress too

          • asdfg

            he got that bitch a bear… bitches love bears

        • HUH?

          looks to me like the 3 of them are shopped onto the cabin-background.

      • Lynn

        Completely real!

    • Yessirr

      Find her.

    • _maxPain_

      she's not bad at all,in fact ,,find her chive..

      • justin

        Her name is Missi Pyle

  • Paula_

    #31 > #34

    – Fan testimonial: "Bob or not, Paula has got to be part of the Chive staff – Maybe you're that HOPA chick? Who knows. Who cares. We like Paula as much as we like Bob and the rest of the Chive. It's all good and I'm not complaining one bit – I think the Chive rocks! I just have a pretty good feeling that everything is not all that it seems with this Paula character. "

    • :-D

      Tits or GTFO

      • Mikeyd

        Nothing wring with Tits & GTFO

    • TDub66

      #31 I say just leave 'em there

    • Geoffrey Seroka

      Paula, when did you get above -100? Seems like you're losing your touch 😛

    • James Dobry

      Who let you in!?

  • Mike

    wedding pics? for real?

  • Robbie

    #10 Harro Kitty Redding

  • etcrr

    #33 he can bearly contain himself he is so happy

  • Mad_Hittman

    #6 Yeah, they're dead. Give it up…

  • MattKL

    #35 Usually the roles are reversed.

  • Oregon_country

    #35 Time for you to get in the kitchen

    • TomatoTipper

      That's a dirty kitchen bitch, time to clean it up.

      • Dr. Evil

        Isn't overt misogyny a sign of repressed homosexuality?

  • Barak Obama

    #7 the wrath of hell in 3…2…1….

  • Ander

    #5 I guess even Bellatrix Lestrange and one of the twins from The Matrix Reloaded can find love!

    • Yeah, okay.

      He's prettier than she is…. Or maybe he's a she? Wait, I'm confused.

      • ChelseaRules

        Yeah, I'm not sure which one is the bride. Maybe it's a goth lesbian wedding.

    • Dr. Acula

      How much do clothes cost in the matrix J.P.?

    • xspader

      I thought the one in the black was part klingon….

    • asdf

      seriously. these two have been married for like what? 5 years now according to internet pictures?!@? can we quit posting them now please?!? btw. forever part of the 99%. amiright?

  • fendermallot

    #5 Dubble yoo tee eff

    • poop joggs

      look at that big ass fucking 8 head

  • English_Rob

    #23 Now that's one small Vader.

    • Matt

      Or the bride and groom are just really tall. Probably not but I'm just saying.

  • spicticus

    #4 – Did that robot just grab the backsides of both the bride and groom?
    #18 – Who said Zombies don't feel anything?

    • LuvsHorror

      #18 looks like she has a baby bump. Wonder if it will have pink hair?

  • Sour Cream & Chive

    #5 The Dark Crystal wedding…..

  • Andy Valentine

    #10 1 word. Japan.

    • thom

      That is Chinese writing on the back wall, so either China, Singapore or Taiwan. My wife is Taiwanese and we see hokey stuff like this all over Taiwan.

      • Andy Valentine

        Golly, is my face red!

      • bobby

        And in Japan "chinese writing" is called kanji…and they use it.

  • Anonymous

    Gays can’t get married but these freaks can? ftw

  • Scott

    "I don't care if you're married. You get her pregnant, I'll blast it off…"

  • smccarty3

    I hope most of these people don’t procreate

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      I think that part will happen pretty definitely.

    • Angie

      Yeah, because that's what we want, the boring mofo's procreating. At least these people will give us interesting children.

      • Paul

        Strange doesn't make you interesting

  • EvilRoySlade

    #11 they are returning to the sea

    • bob

      A whale of a time was had by all.

  • gingergreek

    #26 bloody hell. Ant and Dec are everywhere these days!!

  • kychiver

    Public service message for brides: Holding in farts all day can cause severe nausea or even death of anyone within 20 feet behind you.

  • CrispyAlt

    #8 "Leave us alone, Mom! We're going to go fuck!!"

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