What can I say, girl likes herself some carrots (16 Photos)

Via Oddity

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  • adMANistrator

    On the plus side, her vision is phenomenal.

  • Milkman

    #14, so which one is your carrot dildo?

  • Master_Rahl

    She must have excellent eyesight

  • Master_Rahl

    sure, she'll be spending her time polishing his carrot. Ewww

  • DukeKeyjo

    How do these people make money/hold a job?

  • lols

    her fetish is oompa loompa

  • Rocketman

    #1 #2 Nice mature body, heavy upstairs. I'd definately make her happy with MY carrot.

  • ohmy

    Just missing a framed picture of carrot top.

  • c-man

    i bet she has a corrot penis

  • Eric

    Like Kayne says, "that bitch kray"

  • moeshere foxdale

    Well I would have to say…… She's off her rocker and someone stole it off the porch…But that's Calif for you..

  • Guess

    Wow, she must have awesome night vision…

  • majorfathead

    You;d think with all the carrots she must eat that her eyesight would be better and she would notice how ugly that purple hair is,,, jussayin

    • majorfathead


  • justaguy

    She can suck my carrot

  • Always Last


  • Celine Conrad

    I love carrots too and so do my family but we love eating them. I have a picture of me and my brother and my two boys on a hammock all with a carrot in our mouths and it was unplanned. I never knew that a love of carrots could take this kind of turn but I love it!

  • Thomas jackson

    I stick my carrot down her rabbit hole.

  • Jazzbot


  • azlvr1985

    well…she could be obsessed with dead bodies, worse obsessions have happened!

  • Chan

    #16 I bet they just had her do this for the show…I hope they just had her do this for the show…

  • noegod

    This ain't so bad. There are way weirder collectors out there. I myself have a large collection of knives that seems to be rapidly growing. Oh, and I used to collect traffic cones in college. Still not sure why?

  • Carnoculus

    #16… Shut the fuck up.

  • amber

    I found that crazy carrot dresser that she has in her house. Check out the rest of this wild furniture!

  • Boss

    A guy I know fucked his girlfriend in the ass with a carrot then put it in his little brothers school lunchbox.

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