Anyone else hate that there are never enough power outlets at the airport? (20 Photos)


  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #10 moar

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy


    • Mike

      agreed. other than her, this topic was kind of pointless

  • Csquaredapparel

    #20 would be really nice. Don't see it happening though

    • B-to-the-H

      Agreed. It won't happen cuz it makes too much sense for them to do that.

    • HobbesLeviathan

      Actually, that looks like it was taken in the new terminal at RDU (Raleigh-Durham, Terminal 2)

      • Matt young

        Yes, I was through there last month. Most amazing thing in the world

    • Kirk

      The JetBlue terminal at Boston Logan has them. Probably other places too.

    • JeffA

      Only airport I've seen with them is CMH in Ohio

    • Art Van Delay

      Southwest in DTW and MDW both have the big leather seats with USB plugs.

    • mdmax

      Vancouver airport has them, its actually one of the few airports that has more than enough power outlets.

    • NcouthYouth

      My wife is working on the expansion of LAX international terminal, and they are FINALLY putting power outlets that are built into the seats similar to this at every gate… the day will soon come. I hope.

    • Yo diggity

      Virgin America has these beneath every seat. They also have inflight internet. 🙂

    • Dre

      Seen them at the San Diego airport

    • Senor

      Sea-Tac Airport has just started putting these in.

    • Guest

      These are already at Toronto Pearson.

    • Frank

      Columbus Ohio also has these all over the place, in every terminal. It is always so nice

    • The other white meat

      San Antonio airport. Plugs like this everywhere.

  • James

    First world problems eh?

    • Bob

      Yep. And at the seats with an outlet right next to them, there is usually an older couple reading a book. Not just any book, one of those old paper things with actual ink!

    • bishwhaaat

      Exactly what i was thinking.

      • Piaras

        Exactly wat I was tinkin!!! But then I seen #5 Has he a bag on his head?

  • echogeo

    Whatever happened to reading a book?

    • derp

      what is this "book" thing you speak of? Does the screen have good resolution?


      Its the future. We have our books on our ipads/kindles now

    • douche

      work trumps leisure for most air passengers

    • spicticus

      Crossword puzzles and magazines are great, too. Or a deck of cards (everybody seems to be sitting on the floor anyway, might as well play solitaire or grab a few others to play some poker).

    • HENDO

      Or predictability, the milkman, the paperboy and evenin' T. V.? Whatever happened to those?

      • My name a Borat

        "Waiting just around the bend……..Everywhere you look"

      • Master_Rahl

        damn you… the Full House theme is now playing loud and clear in my mind…

    • jj34

      the screen resolution is horrible on those… and you cant get online worth a crap

    • Curtis N

      Slow down cave man!!

    • yes a book

      shouts to Slavoj Zizek we still living in End Times

  • labtobber?

    Can't say I have ever traveled with a labtob?

    • my 0.02$

      I have a friend that calls his computer a LABtob, its the funniest shit ever. I don't have the heart to correct him. He also thinks his GPS says "Re-Cal-ber-ating" I just quietly smile and laugh inside.

      • My name a Borat

        My friend thinks the disease is called "old-timers" haha guess everyone's got a buddy like that

      • Riley Freeman

        I'm gonna start saying labtob

        • dwide schrude

          Man, none of you guys have heard of a labtob? it's a new invention. great for working on… labs.

    • majorfathead

      yeah those slate tops are kinda heavy

    • kashakesh

      Ah – just wait until that first real job when they make you travel then. Then again, if you have a traveling job (like I do) joining the airline club makes all the difference – free drinks, free snacks, plenty of power outlets and no need to hang out with the amateurs.

      oh – and btw – this would be the egyptian english versin of laptop (your labtop) – it's funny to hear. 🙂

  • Duluthdan

    So true I'm sitting by the only plugin in sight at the Reno airport

    • jon

      cool story, bro

  • BigMIKe

    ONLY thing to do while waiting in an airport…. TheChive

  • bobby

    I suppose most airports were built before everyone was carrying around rechargeable devices. What comes first – more electric outlets or electronic devices that rarely need recharging? I vote the latter.

  • sjd

    So much for casual conversation

  • FoCoLivin

    Possibly the stupidest post I've ever seen on the Chive. Photos of people sitting at the airport. Tune in tomorrow for photos of people watching paint dry.

    • quiksaand


      • Zedhere

        No shit! I hope it's Blue, I like Blue… do you think they will do blue?

        • quiksaand

          one could only hope its blue….

    • AmusingHat

      One time I was watching some wet paint and it started drying out and I was all like "OMGitsgettingdry!!" and my buddy came up and was all like "WHOA!" and I was all like "YEAH!" and we kept watching and then the paint got dryer and dryer and then it was all dry and we were all like "THAT WAS THE BEST EVAR!! MOAR!!" and then we noticed some wet concrete outside and realized that

      • Billy

        I could not have said it better myself…………….

    • Ian

      Uhhh…that's what I do for a job. The Chive is supposed to get me away from that!

    • Sampsonite99

      Your an idiot… If you don't 'get' this post, you don't fly often do you?…If ever:-(

  • Logicyup

    Wasn't too long ago we lived without all this crap. That and if you really need to use electronics at all times, back up batteries are your friend.

  • Zach

    O'Hare is the worst.

  • Frumpus

    Quite possibly the least interesting post in internet history.

  • JTeeee

    This post really speaks to me, I'd be in hog heaven if we had a post of people plugging electronics in wall sockets in other places too!! Like a McDonalds, Starbucks, or even in their own homes!! THANKS THE CHIVE!!!

  • AmusingHat

    I'm not gonna gonna say that the lack of convenient power outlets in airports fills me with a blistering white-hot rage equal only to a thousand suns, a rage that can only be sated by the merciless conquest of my enemies and the destruction of those responsible for this unholy transgression against my will…

    …but it's close.

    • Si1entStatic

      I don't know, taking on the TSA people could prove difficult. I mean sure alone they should be easy pickings but that saying about stupid people in large groups makes me hesitant…….

  • dave

    I was in Amsterdam last week, and I found a socket in the Irish Pub's smoking room. Sorted me right out.

  • Mary Belich King

    Uggggh—–people laying on the floor??? Nasty!

  • Devon

    Just for sh*ts & giggles, I'm going to throw a 20ft extension cord in my roll-aboard!

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      I was going to suggest that. One thing people fail to understand is that airports don't want to pay for your energy consumption. So they have these conveniences in place just to say "Lookit. We did good". So, if anyone want to boss it out, bring an extension cord with a 3-outlet head and share with your neighbors. Another alternative is the mobile battery packs. They cost money to you, but not to the airport.
      The best alternative is to have a big-ass solar charging station with a big "Eff You" sticker on the side for everyone to use. Of, if you want to be a dick, bring a diesel generator and start it up in the middle of the terminal. See how that goes for you.

      In the end, I wrote a huge ass reply. Didn't mean for it to be like this.

    • Bob

      Good luck in security, with a large coil of wire. Might as well through in a few spare battery packs to charge up while your there, duct taped together for efficiency.

  • MarthaJeane

    While this drives me nuts as well, it's really a terribly dumb post

    • Zedhere

      I will have your cupcakes… SOON…

  • passwordistaco

    Here's a novel idea, read a book!

    • James

      Right, cause I'm paid to work while traveling not read a fucking novel.

      • that_ALBANIAN_guy

        So, work entails scrolling the DAR?

      • James_is_a_douche

        So carry a fucking charger you sorry ass fuck stick! Not too bright are you James?

    • Patrick

      Get it, NOVEL…READ!? Good one.

  • Kaitlyn

    Hahaha I love people watching at airports!! My sister and I are always the ones sitting/laying on the floor next to the only outlet in sight.


    I have a labtob.

    • @danieljillm

      Is it missing the "P"?

  • clenis

    dumbest post ever. read a "real" book, you twats. #2

    • Ryan Page

      Is a "real" book anything like a real book? Or is it just a figment of your imagination?

  • Down South

    The Southwest Airlines Terminal at Orlando International is one place that does have stations at most of the gates with Outlets and USB Plugs to power electronic devices. The SW Terminal was built in the last 10 years since everyone started carrying all Laptops, Phones, iPads, etc. I've found them at DFW too in some of the newer areas of the airport.

    Most older airports I've been to though don't have a damn thing.

    • oops

      I was in Miami airport one day and found the outlet, sadly someone was charging their cell phone and had left it behind … turned it into security …

  • MC Hammer

    They exist. I've seen such stations in CVG and a couple other airports.

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