Anyone else hate that there are never enough power outlets at the airport? (20 Photos)


  • Whoopi_G

    #11 Alex Smith?

  • IU slayer

    #20 they have those at ohare airport in chicago

  • Secretmaster

    Its sad to see that so many people hardly can live without electronical equipment anymore, go read a book or wait even better, talk to the person besides you.

  • Kevin Knight

    Reagan International has these nice electronics bar tops. But I agree with the comment "First they add more power outlets and then we start paying for "Electrical Usage Fees" in addition to all of the other crazy fees that get tacked on to a plane ticket these days."

  • Rachael Flo Caldwell

    This is why you bring a power strip when you travel…amateurs.

  • etcrr

    Battery power never lasts long enough either

  • Guest

    usually bewbs and sweet babes at airports. next time maybe?

  • Mateo

    If only there were some way to know you were going to the airport beforehand so you could charge everything you have up!

  • Anonymous

    I’m at the airport right now -__-

  • Don

    You know what doesn't take batteries. A book. But then again I doubt anyone who uses this site knows what those are.

  • Master_Rahl

    #12 What the hell is that papery thing that the one in the middle is holding? Is that the elusive – BOOK – we've heard so much about? These mofo's need to unplug and live a little.

  • Chachi

    Hmm…good idea for business. 5$ for a charge with portable battery pack

  • Krusty

    Sometimes, being out of touch is a good thing. Nobody NEEDS these things. Silence and serenity do a body good sometimes!

  • Robert

    So, that's why airfare keeps going up all the peoplz uzin yur lectric.
    Next up, they're going to charge you for charging.

  • joshyhutch

    Ahhh white people problems at their finest.

  • Mario

    Whats a laptob?

  • MattKL

    I hope #11 is the guy's plugs on one side and someone else's on the other. Because if they are all his, he's a royal dick for taking up two outlets.

    But yeah, things like this are why i bring an old-fashioned book when I travel.

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  • naluukti

    I find your lack of outlets disturbing

  • marcelluswallac

    If you find the time to write a congressman about needing outlets at an airport please take the time to also write them about something that actually fucking matters!

  • SweetAss

    You know…I am traveling back home from a training class next week…and I totally plan on buying one of these before I leave and I plan on keeping it in my computer bag! I freaking hate when I can't charge my phone while I am waiting for my next flight! So…normally I charge it from my laptop! Let's be creative people!!! Think about it ok! If you have a damn laptop and can charge your phone from it…do it and save an outlet for others!! Oh…and those of you fat asses sitting by the seats that are meant for those of us to use who ARE charging our shit…GET UP!!! (DFW has sections of seats that have a row of outlets between them) Think about this shit!!!

  • cudaman

    WTF is a laptob? Go here –… it will warn you when you fail at spelling.

  • mounty

    Airports are awful. And then, once you land and get to your hotel, you think, "Eh, I'll just plug in all my crap." HAHA NO. Hotels are worse than airports. If you're lucky you won't have to move the bed and unplug a lamp to charge your phone at night.

  • TCMuc

    Yes we live in an age where people travel with an iPhone, iPad, or a labtop on their lap. But we also live in an age where electricity actually costs money, and energy in general is becoming one of the mosts expensive goods at all. So why exactly should airports give it to you for free?? If you want more power outlets you can either
    a) try to find someone who wants to run a pay-as-you-go charging station like MatadorPride suggested
    b) move to a communist country, maybe there's free power for everybody there.

    Either way, you spoiled little brat need to stop bitching about your first world problems.

  • justaguy

    #6 Find the girl in the red!

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