• mrjimmyos

    But alas, his etch a sketch scribble was gone!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Way to KCCO, but I agree, she could've got under the table at least. Anything could've fallen on them in that place.

  • MIKE


    • Woody

      WE MUST FIND HER !!!

  • pyrocyz

    Useless Fact: That camera man was the same guy who did the Bourne Movies.

  • Norwood

    And not a single fuck was given during that earth-quake

  • Dane

    Props for staying calm, but at some point the kid should have been under the table for safety.

  • googlyeyedbastard


  • jimstarswagg

    And there were no fucks to give that day.

  • jrp

    A lot of things to be interpreted here but one this I noticed is how effective the soothing touch and voice of mom can be when the world is tearing apart.

  • TonyBono

    Not a single Fuck was given that day

  • the dude

    Id hit that

  • John

    Am i the only one who was thinking "she's lucky nothing came down on her and her child during all of that"??

    • JJJJ

      I was thinking the same thing! I have two kids and the last thing I would do is just sit there rubbing my kid's back. You can keep them calm AND safe.

  • Babekake

    that mom and dad should have been under that table making sure noting landed on that kids head

  • tommytwotime

    man that's what I call keepin it real

  • cdf

    thats one heck of a restuarant, no plates, cups or anythng else ever move

  • Craigery

    Mom is "awesome" for doing what she's supposed to do? To paraphrase the classic Chris Rock bit, "Ni**a, you SUPPOSED to take care of your kids!" Are we going to give her a medal of honor just for not losing her shit?

  • http://twitter.com/Joe_Meets_World @Joe_Meets_World

    little BAMF and BAMLIF

  • the_mike

    I find this hard to masturbate to.

    • the dude

      Hard, yet not impossible!

  • chaturbate

    Awesome mom is awesome.

  • E.Cullen

    Bet she's from California 😉

  • lovebeingachivette

    uh yeah, keeping calm is one thing, but why just sit there and wait for something to fall on their heads? growing up in cali taught me, you dont just sit there, you CAN get to a safer spot.

  • matt

    that video was the biggest waste of time I've had all year.

  • Anonymous

    wow, thats crazy!!

  • ROckets

    Like a BOSS!!!!

  • Nicnac

    Thanks for posting this… I never cease to be stunned at the awesome terror that is the earth moving beneath our feet.

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