• etcrr

    that's incredible, It lasted a lot longer than I thought it would

  • Parallendicular

    Damn, I'm more impressed by that building than anything. Yeah, it was shaking like crazy, but nothing seemed to be taking any damage.

  • Stick

    There was this tiny ass earth quake here in Jersey recently.
    I pooped myself.

    That woman has balls of steel.

  • Will

    Someone give that mom a freakin' medal. KCCO level maxed. Hell of a view of the earthquake too. Really shaking that place bad.

  • gmh

    it was a 7.0 earthquake. a 9.0 would have been catastrophic and it's effects much wider reaching, not isolated only to Japan

  • Julian

    Psycho, what sort of awful woman wouldn't go under the table? I'm so cool and calm, and oh my child was just struck by the falling roof and killed

  • James

    this is BS, 9.0 earthquake, that is just a small after shock. They go from 1.0 to 10.0 so that is a massive and powerful quake, yet the plates don't even move an inch on the table. You can hear some rattling of dishes but nothing breaks, in a 9.0 earth quake they would be able to sit down like that you would be moving a hell of a lot more then that. Don't believe me, youtube the quake on security cams, people are flying around.

  • Julian

    Were the plates and glasses nailed to the tables?

  • ouch

    Ok shouldn't she be saving him from falling debris, and be under the table. I get the calmness, but I think that she forgot some safety concerns.

    Props on the calm, but…

  • Mo-Fo

    Yeah..she shouldve atleast gone under a doorway or something..instead of being out in the open..a chunk of the ceiling couldve killed them both…no amount of back rubbing will bring back the kid if something fell on his head. Clearly no fucks were given during that earth quake..including covering her kid up.

  • Chachi

    Damn…I want her genetic code to be part of my children's genetic code. What a woman.

  • the_pcguy

    If that was a 9.0 earthquake then Japan has the best engineers and contractors in the world. Just to put it into perspective, the earthquake in Haiti was 7.0, in a logarithmic scale, that means that it released more than 1,000 times more energy than the haitian earthquake… Now that´s fucked up!! Here in Venezuela because of our seismic history everything is designed and built to resist up to 7,1 earthquakes (on the Richter scale).

  • chaosd

    $100 says that this woman is a Military wife or in the Military and most probably a US Marines wife.

  • i call bullshhh

    I call BS. I live in the bay area and have had more stuff shake than that for much smaller quakes. If that was legit 9.0, plates would have been sliding around. the cameraman was the only one/only thing moving in that vid. My brother's TV bounced 15 feet across the room during 1989 Loma Prieta

  • Indeed

    How can she sit comfortably with those gigantic balls between her legs? Seriously, I was scared just watching the video!

  • LuvsHorror

    Brave woman, didn't want to scare her kid. More people should try this, rather than panicking. Panic kills.

  • Sully

    Way to keep your cool. But an "awesome" Mom would at least get under the table.

  • Piper

    Keep calm and get under the fucking table lady! You don't have to be scared to get squished.

  • Gallus

    Kudos to mom! "You can run, but you'll only die tired." Better to face it. I think mom deserves an honorary man card.

  • dipshitmcgee

    Ma'am you are excused from the kitchen for one, ONE, victory lap.

  • kevin subby

    fake as lips on a chicken

  • Kyle

    That's a cool mom, in every sense of the word.

  • Sam

    For the day my faith in humanity has been restored.

    Mad respect for her courage…'specially how she handled her kids fear with others around them screaming.

  • Uripper

    Never Posted a comment before, but this woman is awesome. She sums up everything good about mothers and I called my mum straight after watching this.

  • beans

    She doesn't look Japanese to me.

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