• duh

    DUMB…yeah she might have kept him calm but not safe…there's a reason why they tell you to get under something solid…TO PROTECT YOURSELF…especially with the kid…irresponsible…best chance to survive if the building came down on top of them is to have been under that table…not sitting there.

  • Cody

    I think the title should be "Terrible mother puts son in danger", right? She doesn't even cover his head, get under the table, or move out of a building that would easily be rumble in seconds at a 9.0…..Just saying, but I don't really care either way because I hate children.

  • Chris

    Mom Boss Level over 9000!! Wow! What an awesome mom! KCCO!

  • Kurt

    She definitely KEPT CALM AND CHIVED ON! She just earned herself 2 KCCO shirts for that. Pro mom is a pro. Like a BOSS!

  • nonbeliever

    Got to call BS on this one, the camera is shaking a lot and there is a lot of noise but the table ware does not move, the water in the glass on the table remains level and a sign hanging from strings in the background does not move. I'm not convinced this is really as bad as the camera movement makes it

  • Sonoran Desert


  • guy

    wont ever watch a video with a 30 second advertisement

  • beRt

    Guess the first thing I'd do with my kids in that kind of a shake is to run into the nearest open field.

    Just stand up there. Last one to lose balance is the winner.

  • Anonymous

    It's because shes from California. Californians sleep through shit like that.

  • jkg1856

    How did the sushi on the counter not jump up and smack them in the face? The mom was impressive, but the sushi… brain = boggled.

  • Bigpl8man

    She's either high as a cloud, or got stones like a hero. Awesome job, momma!

  • Russian47

    That earthquake obviously did not know who it was fucking with!

  • OzT78

    Super Nanny ain't got nothing on her

  • Casper

    That is one bad ass mom

  • saiffe.

    9… and not one plate falling down…. hmmmm

  • Found new fav site

    I was there in that earthquake. Definitely crazy but KCCO along with most in Japan. Hope she got out of Sendai soon after cause that wave was coming 30 mins later.

  • Bob

    It's bullshit! look at the plates and glasses on the table. They are not moving at all. Someone sold you a dud.

  • nigel

    Mom for the motherfcukin' win!!!! Give her a KCCO shirt.

  • edlib111

    Moms they will shit there pants with a smile just to keep you happy.

  • Karl

    Hmm I could be wrong but it seems like the plates aren't moving.

  • Merv

    That's my next ex-wife right there

  • Joe

    Worst Camera man ever…..

  • gunit

    That mother kept calm and chived on!

  • steve

    I was in Tokyo when it happen, and I freaked out couldnt imagine being in Sendai when it hit…Thats one awesome mom for sure!

  • Guest

    Wow 9.0 earthquake and the glasses don't even fall/ tip off the table ?

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