• Carlos

    This just made me want to call my mom..brb

  • Alonso

    She has my eternal respect…. what a way to keep calm and chive on

  • Lex

    Moms like "what earthquake? finish your dinner." Best mommy ever.

  • https://www.facebook.com/sean.schutt Sean Schutt

    like a boss!!!

  • kyle


  • tom

    She must be from California to give so few fucks about that earthquake

  • Boner_Mcfly

    If this was my mom, I don't I ever would have smoked pot.

  • Dan

    That mom and kid are fucking champs. When I was his age, my mom would have to hold me like that going through a car wash. Seems really silly now, especially compared to a 9.0 earthquake.

  • richie

    Why didn't any of the plates fall?

  • Doc_Tronic

    Interesting how not one single plate fell off the table; in fact, it doesn't look like one single plate even budged. A 9.0 earthquake is going to do more than just make a camera shake, it's going to cause serious destruction…look at what it did to all the buildings in the actual news footage.

  • Steve

    Chivette of the week!

  • Newb

    Reason they aren't getting under the tables is because its in Japan. They tell you to just ride it out all their buildings are built to withstand those type of earthquakes. Plus the type of earthquakes they get are different then in the US.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rvpollard Ryan Chino Pollard


  • April Calendar girl

    Bullshit to all of you. I live in California and a truly good mother would have gotten her child under the table or in a goddamn doorway. Stupid. She didn’t even shelter his head with her body.

  • SARmedic

    Like a boss. That woman deserves an award, she stayed cool as a cucumber through the whole thing.

  • Ceejhay

    Thats one bad ass mom!! Way to go Mom! KCCO!!

  • badger

    sorry to say this but thats just stupid.
    Would everybody say she was awesome if the kid got hit by falling debris?
    Don't think so… so next time get under the table please!

  • MrStubbs

    almost looked fake to me. Like a cross between old star trek and the blair witch project. Lots of noise..didnt see a whole lot falling or crashing.

  • CoPhil

    Good night: terrible camera work. Couldn't they hold it still for even a second. Sheesh.


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