Burn Your Bra Thursday! (40 photos)

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    About time we're well represented. Well done first timer.

    • Jared

      I've been waiting as well! Rarely see any Chivers from Boston.

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      There really aren't nearly enough of us!

      • Joe

        What ^ she said

      • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

        Time for a Boston Chiver Meet-Up!

        • Joe

          Someone should make a Boston Chivers Facebook page and we can set-up some drunken shenanegins that way.

        • thadudewhochives

          Totally down for a boston meet up..we need to unite the Boston chivers, I rock my KCCO n Chive logo all the time n never seem to get a response from people other then whats the chive!? C'mon Bean town we r slacking!

    • Backseat Chiver

      Totally agree. Went to the st paddy's parade in southie with my KCCO and never saw any others… 😦

      I work very close to the appt that was taken in. Right by the prudential center and christian science center. Swanky place.

      She is a smoke show, as well.

      • Kim

        yes she looks great keep submiting..babe:p

      • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

        I rocked mine the day before and the weekend before on the pub crawl. Besides the guy I was with, only ran into one other, who was rocking BFM.

      • thadudewhochives

        I wore my KCCO didnt see any others either but did get a chive on!

      • im watching tv

        I thought I was the only one in southie with a KCCO shirt.

    • Ryan

      Rocked the KCCO shirt in southie as well, not enough around! Keep the good lookin Boston Girls coming!

    • tom a

      going to boston next week for PaxEast! hopefully see you around!

      • Havaard

        I'll be there rocking my KCCO.

    • Dude

      I'd like to fill her with some Boston Creme!

    • ChiveApprentice

      I love Boston & I love you. You are my favorite Chivette ever. Go Sox

    • Josh

      Go Boston !!!!!!!

    • SuperSaiyan

      What a girl to rep Boston, about time. KCCO my Boston people.

    • mike

      please moar,you're gorgeous

  • MOAR

    While I love this post, what happened to Things That Bounce Thursday!?

    • Westy

      been wondering that too. Where's the GIFs?

    • Shawn

      Agreed. Need moar Things that Bounce Thursday and TGIFs!

    • Chris

      I agree with this.

      I was wondering if someone could answer a question I have. How do some of these girls with big boobs keep them so perky?

      • Tek257

        agreed #21 could use moar her.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo


    • Uh-Huh

      That's for sure!

  • Dibdy

    I love thursdays!

  • passwordistaco

    #5 I wish I was Steveo

    • Steveo

      a Lot of people do!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #2 #3
    Most impressive.

    • Rod

      I couldn't agree more!

    • JHL1

      We need #3 uncropped and in hi-res.
      And then we need more of her.

  • Gabe

    #12 that is all

    • BOOM!

      They are her knees!

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      You know the bewbs are awefully nice if they look like a beautiful butt!

      • Kim

        burn yr bra…and hump day.

      • Elbie

        second that

      • dacrawla

        I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw a fantastic hump first, only to get more excited when I found out I was wrong!

    • reaperMEDIC
    • AlbertaChivette

      Thanks guys 🙂

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      man so turgent and desirable, i want

  • dedubs

    #4 is simply unreal

    • Martin_McFly

      My God… She has it all!

      • Fish On

        Mind the gap. Looks like she has the same doctor as Tori Spelling

    • KCCO

      link to more??

    • Smileymcgee

      Someone likes 3 inch gaps between a bad boob job. Gross

      • ChelseaRules

        I have to agree. I like when fake boobs at least try to look real.

      • ddd

        even if she had nothing before she'd be gorgeous…shame

  • Josh

    #30 Yes please!

  • Steamboat Willie

    Hooray boobs!

  • billshakes626

    I love Thursdays!
    … and Mondays, and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays…..

    • Guest

      Any day with her ^ in it…

    • Dude

      Nice Socks!

      • Guest

        Lose the socks!!

        • billshakes626

          Lose it all!

  • Mikeg01sf

    #12 anD 4. That is all

  • LucretiusCarus

    #12 Oh yes. that's lovely.

    #31 Ummm…nice foot?

    #40 And Chive on right back from Boston. Hell, I even recognize that view.

    • truth

      Where in Boston is that? One of the university campuses?

      • Backseat Chiver

        it is an apt building next to the christian science center and attached to the prudential center/copley place mall.

        She has an engagement ring, so chances are she is not an undergrad living on campus…

        • sweetcarol1n3

          not engaged… but still taken 🙂

  • Reegz

    #31 Foot Photobomb

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      You see foot, I see boobs.

    • saul billyZane

      Worst kind too. Dude foot photo bomb

  • claytonbro

    I can't help but think my day would be way more productive without posts like this………especially ones like #2, #3, #12 oh hell all of them. I stand and applaud the chivettes of the world.

  • ancientlegacy

    Posts like this make the meetings I have to attend today tolerable.
    Thank you Chive!

  • Trav

    Great edition! #8 and #12 are phenominal!

  • Trainer

    #16 maybe it's time to find a new one. with a chest like that you should be getting all of the attention.

    • Trav

      Complete agreeance with this statement! Damn fine!

    • Blown away

      #12 until I saw #16 . Wow….just wow!

      • Kowabunga

        those are the same, how can there be two out there…like that

      • Blown away

        I hope to see 16 as the next Chivette of the Week! Get on it Chive….

    • Guest

      She certainly has my attention.

    • Sarge

      i can't believe that story!

      If that was my lady, I'd smash every tv and computer monitor in the house and just stare into the hotness all day

  • BigPup

    #22 that's the kind of woman that will make a man write bad checks.

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      I will write as many bad checks as she wants me to. same goes to #40

      • BigPup

        Amen brother!

    • Si1entStatic

      either she has VERY perky breasts or they air brushed it clean off…… where did the nip go?

    • Yup

      Nice chest, but she looks like bj penn.

      • clayman

        you know how I know you are gay??????

        • Yup


    • elbruces

      Where the hell are her nipples? There should be one RIGHT THERE.

  • dominantone

    #40 Boston chivette for the win! gotta love the home town hotties.

    • Master_Rahl

      right on! Boston Chivette FTW!

    • Caroline

      thanks! – the chivette herself

      • dominantone


  • jay

    #37 #28 not bad

    • Tim


  • techno_viking

    #37 gets my vote. MOAR please…

    • sox18

      i'm with techno on this. dear lord, i love thursdays! moar por favor…

    • Cierra

      im thinking something to do with hockey for the next picture?

  • KDS

    #13 — Epic side boob!!!

    • Martin_McFly

      Good Lord, yes it is!

    • ST33

      find a new word.

    • Babydoll

      Thank you! It's all for you!!!

      • BabyDoll FAN

        well thanks again JUST AWESOME

      • Edgek

        Thank you! Great pic don't stop sending them in never could get tired of admiring you!

    • Tim

      Looks delicious

    • Chivr4lyfe

      Sumone needs to tell #21 that chivettes are smoking hot bored woman that post sexy or just plain cool pics of themselves!! Not half way retarded looking girls that got beat with an ugly stick a then want to post a pic nuhuh that ain't it!! Thanks KCCO

  • Jimmy

    #18 3/9? Behind much Chive?

    #16 Bitches be crazy…

  • Burlinator

    #37 Yes, please.

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