Burn Your Bra Thursday! (40 photos)

  • nicehairbkwrdshatguy


  • Nilbog

    #13 — If this makes the cut then how bad are the ones that DON'T? Perhaps we can have a gallery of those?

    • Nilbog

      #33 is the one I actually meant, woops. Sick.

  • Kyle

    #28 Yes, they are

  • Vipdrive

    # 16, assuming that you are not bat shit crazy, your bf is an idiot! MOAR! We appreciate you.

  • luvTnA

    #12 #16 #36 More please & names

  • its_forge


  • https://www.facebook.com/crmmarsh Chris Marsh

    #11 How 'bout those Mariners?!?!

  • ndanger

    …me gusta.

  • Foofees

    #12 is perfection! I would pay a lot money to get her a pearl necklace.

    • Foofees

      How about we find her!!!

  • jdgadsden

    Thusdays make me happy ❤

    Thanks ladies! You are all lovely

  • Skedaddle

    #16 Pick me. I'll never scroll the Chive while we're under the same roof.

  • http://Thechive.com Mitt Romney

    #22 where’d your nipples go?

  • reloop2st

    #22 wins the internet.

  • Mark


  • Rich

    #12 Took me a few seconds to realize it wasn't a misplaced HUMP DAY pic.
    A couple pokies would have eliminated the confusion. That's what ice cubes are for, isn't it?
    Just sayin'

  • https://www.facebook.com/trey.a.shadrach Trey Aaron

    #24 it fits

  • J. Spivey


    It's kinda cool to see another peson with an insulin pump like mine….it's even better that
    there are a sweet pair of boobs above it!!

  • Chive Despot

    who is #22 ?!?! FIND!

  • Alpha_Dog

    #13 #31 #39 I love me some side boob!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ramunathra Kyle Lowman

    #12 belongs in FLBP. Also, MOAR

  • teejay

    I'm really curious about what is going on in number 33, what the hell is on her stomach, is she at the doctor??

    • nrbenz

      It is for her insulin pump she is Type 1 Diabetic. It is how we diabetics that are insulin dependent have to live to try and have a some what normal life. Kudos to her for not being afraid to post while wearing it!!

  • josh

    #33. Diabetes is very sexy these days..;)

  • hollywood

    #33 that's a dead sexy insulin port. cheers to diabetus

  • usda

    Have the hormones in milk made all modern girls endowed slits. I wish this was around when I was I high school. Bbbwwwwllllllllbvbbbbbbbb!

  • BRapper

    #33 what is on your stomach? What r u testing for right now?

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