For 20% more sexy, try knee highs (28 Photos)

  • João Pinto

    Every man has his likes about girls

    • Krocks Merkin

      As a leg n arse man here… somethin bout knee highs are a perfect mix of hot, slutty, formal sexy, cute, dirty, beauty that inspires straight up bone-age.

      • 'sota


  • Kelowna chiver


    • tonj

      You really aren't funny at all

    • DaddyD

      Typical B.C.'er. Total a-hole.

    • realktownchiver

      I am also from Kelowna and you have brought embarrassment to this city. Tool!

  • Zero

    Yes please, great way to start my morning

  • Josh

    #12 and #26to moar please moar

    • Bogusname

      These two are both nude models/porn stars, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding them both. #12 is Your Caitlynn. I can't remember #26's name. Since it's not a full face shot I could be mistaken.

      • Every-Man-on-Earth

        Kelli Young, and you're welcome.

      • Guest

        #12 also models on MFC as CutieCaitlynn

  • Bugsy

    #14 #26 simply amazing

    • Stansuxdixncox

      These were the only 2 that I liked also. The others… I guess I'm not into the skinny as fuck look.

    • YOYO

      I have a feeling there are more pics of these two out there…but naked

      • robbie_R

        #14 is Chrystal Lee

  • LucretiusCarus

    #11 and #23 Okay…yeah…gonna have to stay seated at my desk for a bit.

    • remotelyoperated

      Yep #23 caused me to be limited to sitting for the next little bit. Then the Fed Ex knocked at the office's door, and I'm closest… Guess we're both delivery packages today.

    • Csquaredapparel

      #23 is now by wall paper! WOW we need more of her!

  • Carlos

    Hi… yes… I'd like a #21 please.

    • Craigery

      She looks like she smells bad.

  • Lunchbox

    Nice, but I prefer the thigh highs myself.

    • guest

      Agree, glad i wasn't the only one thinking most of these are socks…but i'll take what you give.

      • Falthor

        thigh highs all the way… although knee highs can be pretty sexy too.

  • driftwoodprose

    Well I think we all know where it goes from #14

    • Truth

      more in a series? link? she is really hot…

  • Luurtsy

    I fucking love knee-highs. #17

    • SATexas4life

      Me too brother, me too…

  • obama sucks

    #23 #26 are keeping me from getting another cup of coffee….

  • flybirdsfly

    #21 I want… that shirt.

    • ChiveAtWork

      You can have the shirt, I'll take the girl.

      • SATexas4life

        What he said.

  • beauty&braids


  • pingpong

    #18 Looks like she needs help. I'll volunteer.

    • flybirdsfly

      She looks like she's pushing out a poop.

    • Diane

      She needs help alright. Looks like she smells something really bad. Not sexy at all.

  • dagleja3

    #14 – I see London, I see France …

  • kidgorgeous

    #11. That awkward moment when you're checking "girls in knee socks" in class, and you notice every girl behind you is looking at you like some pervert. Yeah just happened.

    • Jeremy D Warren

      Haha, just KC&CO… And don't get up from your desk for a while

  • echogeo

    Somebody been hanging around middle schools?
    #1 #3 #7 #10

    • The Pict

      All of these are Pedobear approved. Especially #7.

    • biggles

      One stop shop for the good stuff, i say.

  • Bubba

    #12 Stopt me from scrolling. Damn!

    • Ice87


    • Muadieb

      YourCaitlynn… You're welcome. 🙂

  • Fred

    Oh yes

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #7 Pedo Bear approved.

    • justaguy

      I also approve!

    • Lil John

      Yea she's like 12. Creepy.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #13 Guy

    • EvilRoySlade

      #10 Lady boy…..

  • bob

    #26 is unreal

    • @budman43224


  • BigPup

    #11 #23 TRUST me they don't need knee high socks to get 20% more sex…

  • Michael

    Is # 8 pinky??

  • thedude325

    Curious, did anyone else have thier Anti-virus find a trojan after visiting this page? Don't know if thats just my problem or something is wrong the theChive

    • Uh-huh

      No. My pc froze the first 3 times I tried bringing the page up. Not just you.

    • Captain

      I didn't with this page but have had that problem several times on this site.

    • Chris.topher

      Yeah but it's just the knee high socks. Same thing happens any time that Oprah or Bill O'Reilly appears on a web page.

    • jmmrdave

      Yep, first time ever. Happen today

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