Ordinary garage gets an amazing mini house makeover (17 Photos)

Via Michelledelavega

  • Kitra

    I like it.

    • Logicyup

      I love them old stand alone garages, they did a good job with this. Nice little money maker if they decide to rent it out.

  • whyme1973

    Now that is very cool! Hope you enjoy it!

  • DickFister

    Douche bag. How about dry-shave your sack for 2012, you ignorant dick smack.

    • Stan

      it was wishful thinking on his part

    • Chode

      wow, a comment harsh enough to get deleted on the chive? the hell did he say?

      • thatTXguy

        I was and am still wondering the same thing.

      • Iphoneking

        Wow, what an accomplishment on my part… *feels proud*

        • snap

          what did you say!?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Making the most with what you have. Sounds like a Chiver to me.

    • sucka

      Being a millionaire would help too.

    • coocoocuchoo

      …why does that sound like a Chiver?

      • who cares

        wondering the same thing. I don't think that sounds like a chiver at all.

    • Craigery

      Make the most with what you have? This was clearly an expensive remodel. They practically tore the garage down and built a new structure. It's not like the were "just making do" with what they had.

      • Uh-Huh

        With the cost of housing these days? Maybe she was dealing with zoning ordinances. Perhaps she was limited with how big she could build. So, with the money she had, she made a compatible living space. Live there for a year or so & sell it or rent it out.

        • Groggy

          She must have had plenty of money.

    • Truthbetold

      Because Chivers are just the most amazing, creative, and resourceful people?

      No, I don't think so. If you handed a bunch of tools and a little broken-down garage to a bunch of Chivers the only thing you'd find at the end of the project would be 7 tubs of lard in various states of undress, several unused tools, and buckets of jizz on the wall.

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    This has potential to be a good business. There are plenty of garages out there that could use a makeover like this.

  • Lil John

    And it even comes with cat! So, handy-lady… got any more room in there? 0_o

    • Brutal Deluxe

      I want to see the after picture in a few years when she has 250 cats in there

  • Derek

    how much of the shed did she keep? Looks like a new build beside a shed.
    That said its still very cool

    • RICCO

      That's true, It has NOTHING to do with a garage, could have built that from scratch and needs a lot of money. Not impressed.

    • chiz niz

      not even sure it's the same one. Looks like a new location plus it's taller than the original.

      • Logicyup

        The surroundings are different, do think the chive has been had, along with the rest of us.

        • bsitz

          That tree to the left of the garage sure did grow fast

          • http://www.markalmighty.com Mark Almighty

            Might be a transPLANT. (LOL)

  • darsh

    #8 If intoxicated, choose couch.

    • Bon_nie

      Heh I was just thinking if I lived there, my first night back drunk would probably end with me breaking something after challenging myself to get up there without using the ladder or something equally stupid!

      • BigMIKe

        Yeaaa bad experience with lofts. fell off mine the first year at college while I was a little drunk. dont remember the fall. but I was told I scored a perfect 10 on the landing

  • jack

    Do want.

  • Justhrowit

    As a single dude, with only a dog, I often wonder why the hell I have/need a three bedroom house. Pretty sure this would be ideal for me, other than the cat part! Chive On.

    • Craigery

      If you want to STAY a single guy for the rest of your life, this is ideal.

      • Justhrowit

        I've been married once…. I'll gladly stay single!

    • Mike

      I'm sure your dog would love running around in the spacious 250sq ft living area. (sarcasm!)

      • Justhrowit

        That's what yards are for. He, nor I, is ever inside.

        • fishing4ducks

          DO IT YOU SLAG!

    • Maytrix

      It's the American way – everything needs to be bigger than it really needs to be..

      While I like the house, I'd hardly say its amazing. Nice workmanship, but no more amazing than any really nice looking house.

  • etcrr's goat

    dumbest thing I have ever seen…….

    • Red

      …other than your post

    • Deadmetal

      OUt of all the stupid things on this planet, you claim that some one making an awesome house out of a garage is the stupidest? Really? You must not get out much.

      • obama sucks

        awesome house??? you are the one who doesn't get out much…..

    • rob

      look in the mirror

    • rq127

      you should know if you dare speak out against the masses on this site they will down vote you, it's lame I know

      • etcrr's goat

        this is still stupid as shit…. a fucking house that has room for only her and a fucking cat?? but I guess most of these pathetic fucks on here are living in their mom's basement so they get excited about anything……

        • Anon

          Stuff like this has a practical use. For example for college students, instead of living on campus which is more expensive than the tuition itself or moving into an apartment which is more expensive then the on campus housing, one of these could be a cheap alternative. If there was one of these near the campus it could be rented out long term, considering its going to be bigger than their dorm. I wouldn't mind one of these. But its cool keep being a narrow minded douche. Id rather live in my moms basement than be an ignorant prick over a shed.

  • Virulent87


  • mike


  • Arcade

    Now it's a garage for a Smart

  • http://twitter.com/TheEdgemerian @TheEdgemerian

    I wouldn't say transformed so much as completely gutted, expanded, and given a new taller roof.

    • 80's Baby

      I agree.. I was hoping they left the frame alone and worked with what they had. Looks good, but also could have done this from the ground up anywhere..

    • Conchy Joe

      Agree – it is a complete redo – they would have busted up the slab for plumbing (at least) if not replaced it all together to have the proper footers for a home like that.

      However as a "remodel" this would get around a lot of permitting issues.

  • Craigery

    #12 That couch sure looks comfy! This mini-house is good for taking pictures of, and that's about it.

    • ben

      well since it used to be a garage it would probably be used a guest house or possibly be used to rent out

      • Craigery

        Rented out to someone who doesn't care about having somewhere comfortable to sit and who doesn't mind climbing a ladder to get in and out of bed every night.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1056859652 John McFadin

          You sound like a rich snob. I'm pretty sure they could find quite a few people who would love to live there.

          • Craigery

            Well, I guess you do have to be pretty rich to afford a sofa. They cost like a million dollars.

            • johnny

              Do you know how people sleep in other countries, and even in the us? They don't even have beds. Much less a bathroom, kitchen, appliances, etc. I would love to live there.

              • Craigery

                I'm pretty sure the house in this picture is in the U.S.

  • Knob

    The view on #8 – descending ladder appears to be prohibitive wilst morning wood is engaged.

    • northerner

      Um, yeah, like a stick going along a picket fence…ROFL! Oh, wait. Pain…um…

  • LiquidE

    It's cool and all but I think it would suck to haft to climb up the ladder every time I'm drunk. Then to get up there and realize I gotta pee.

    • Craigery

      Even sober I wouldn't want to have to climb that ladder every night and every morning.

      • Joeyk

        Ladder on one side and a slide on the other then every morning would be amazing. No matter how crappy of a night you had and how terribly you slept how can you not smile after starting the day going down a slide? "I hate my life, no one should have to wake up this early..WEE!"

  • This Is Me

    California? West Coast at least, I would think. (Thinking of climate versus insulation/comfort.)

  • thatfatguy

    what why?

  • LucretiusCarus

    Couldn't have been too cheap an operation–they had to build it out to nearly twice the size, from the looks. And there was clearly extensive remodeling to..well…all of it.

    Looks great, on the whole, though. Good work.

  • BostonChiver.

    #9 the beams in this remind me of the safety bar that I had on my bunk-bed when I was 5 or 6…but now it's to keep me from falling out drunk.

    • Uhhmm

      You still sleep in a bunk bed?

  • http://twitter.com/shitithinkup @shitithinkup

    Didn't use much from the original, the walls were raised about a foot to make room for the loft. And everything else is new. Looks nice, but not much savings over just starting from scratch.

    • ~Bassist~

      Thought the same thing. Great looking build with smart use of space, but could have just as easily been from new construction as it looks like not much was saved from the old garage! Then again, I'd probably cry if I lost my garage. Nowhere to keep my tools and cars and music crap! 😀

    • guest

      I dont think its even the same garage. Look at the tree on the left in pic. 4. it is a big mature tree that is nowhere to be found in pic. 1. i call BS!

  • MoMo

    Forever alone…..:|

  • bob
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