• MuteNation

    saw this on reddit yesterday

    • Otto

      saw it on youtube months ago so what? still cute. GTFO

    • Khous655

      You should leave the basement and let your mom know.

    • Me.

      saw this on theChive, right now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000086488369 Channing Bachman

      I am a redditor myself and I wouldn't be surprised if thechive get's any of their resources through reddit.

      But just like reddit, it's anonymous people (sometimes admins) sharing to their community enjoyable media. So it really does not matter what came first, I love reddit, and I love thechive.


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000086488369 Channing Bachman

        Oh and at least this is no 9gag

        • TheAutomaticMan

          Or 4chan….. holy shit those people are fucked up.

    • sturm

      like soooo tooootally over it

  • etcrr

    Kids are amazing when it comes to discovery and learning

    • Liam

      Thanks so much, without your comment I never would have known that.

      • amplidudes

        Liam, hey – it's okay. We are with you.

    • etcrr's goat

      and you amaze all of us with your stupid ass comments..

  • Logicyup

    my shadow still creeps up on me to scare the crap out of me sometimes.

    • Frank M

      I hope they don't release a video when he discovers his wiener.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1096821575 John Cruz

    this video is fun to watch when you have a little one about the same age as that 😀

    • Blake

      Word! A couple days ago my little guy walked by and had a distinct shadow…I thought about showing him…tonight I will for sure.

  • Tyler

    It's truly amazing how fast kids learn and recognize things. I'm so glad I'm part of the only species on earth that comprehends life with such detail and emotion. If only all of us could see the world with the same curious and interested eyes as this toddler discovering his shadow…

    • LuvsHorror

      And he kept trying to hit it. Human nature, I guess.

      • Tyler

        Yes he was tapping the floor, copying what his father was doing. Human nature.

  • gok

    I don't pay attention to my shadow as often as i should.. im sorry shadow.

  • Admit it.

    Everyone here started making movements watching their shadow after this video.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      Just the 1 year old Chivers.

  • MattKL

    Kids are amazing.

  • iheartboobs

    Come at me shad-bro!

  • Genesis

    I remember my first time seeing my shadow.

  • Da Sandman

    cute ^^

  • Mike

    Smart Mom lol. "The shadow is always behind you!!" That doesn't sound too evil

    • Guse

      She corrects herself pretty quickly. Something like "well, it's not always behind you."

  • noegod

    Adorable! The parents such be proud that their little one isn't frightened. I've seen plenty of babies freak out noticing their shadows for the first time. In fact, I believe one of my kids freaked, not sure?!

  • LucretiusCarus

    Anyone else notice that the bulk of the time these videos are from "Best Links on the Internet" of the previous day?

    • Craigery

      Wait a minute… are you telling me that The Chive doesn't create these videos? That they get them from other sources? Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! I had no idea!

      • LucretiusCarus

        Stop being obtuse by design. I clearly was taking a stab at the Chive's propensity for reusing content as of late. I mean, they posted it just yesterday afternoon and then brought it back first thing today. Lame.

        • Scholar

          Some people have enough other things to do. They don't troll around every image an video blog on the Internet. Get a job or a life or both.

          • LucretiusCarus

            It clearly takes a lot of trolling to read two links and discover them to be essentially identical. But nice that you've got little enough of a life and/or job to comment on it. How about we both sit in our glass huts and lob stones?

            • Rob

              Hey queerbait^, yeah YOU^… go troll your life away on Ebaum's world.

  • 0815

    I once rediscovered my shadow when I was on shrooms ….. Jesus

    • Steven B

      you sir, made me spit coffee outta my mouth

  • Seldi84

    That is so cool. It's reasons like that, that makes kids worth while.

  • Eric


  • Seth_Michaels

    Innocence: RESTORED!!!

  • Steven B


  • Jammy

    Kids as awesome

  • sixdeadelves


  • rockets

    That great. Can I see some titties now Chive?

    • Joey

      Bitch please, if wasn't because of babies you wouldn't even know what the fuck i titties was!!

  • http://twitter.com/Wanuekaz @Wanuekaz

    Kid gots a shopping cart for the future of being homeless!!

  • SpacemanSpiff

    funny cuz we know he's gonna calculate the circumference of the shadow divided by the mass of the speed of its gravitational momentum

  • tommytwotime

    I don't think that ever happened to me but man to recapture the wonder of being a kid right?

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