20 Best finishing moves of WWE (20 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/DCL813 Dale Lockard

    Wow, okay list except for a few terrible ones. The Attitude Adjustment is one of the shittiest finshers of all time, not to mention the Rock Bottom is a far better finisher than the Peoples Elbow. You can actually tell a very young fan made this list by the undeserving presence of more recent finishers. FAIL.

  • Punk sucks

    GTS is lame and stupid

  • Raj

    What about Brock Lesnar's F5???

  • Ibroar

    this list is bullshit,,sound like 12 year old wrote it

  • Bigdaddytio

    What about Goldbergs SPEAR or Jackhammer

  • akaythug

    What happen to the rock bottom?

  • Anonymous

    there must be the knock out punch from 1-10

  • HarleyGentry

    Sable Bomb ???

  • Rasslor

    Faith breaker? Are you kidding me? It should have been STYLES CLASH. AJ Styles owns that spot that you gave McCool.

  • Imzy

    How on earth is the tombstone no 5 my top 10 are no 1 tombstone – Undertaker no 2 sweet chin music – Shawn micheals no 3 pedigree – triple h no 4 stone cold stunner – stone cold steve austin no 5 f-5 – Brock lesnar no 6 rko – randy orton no 7 rock bottom – the rock no 8 shooting star press (air bourne) – evan borne
    no 9 spear – edge and no 10 swanton bomb – jeff hardy

    Now that is a good set of finishers not with zig zag before tombstone and the punt kick in the top 10 :@

  • adiyat

    the rock vs. john cena.

    • adiyat

      yo yo yo what's up rock and cena is a-w-s-o-m-e

  • Trey

    Omg How Could U Guys Not Talk about Aditude adjustment

  • gursharan

    undertakers the best so fuck you

  • LPfanatic

    This list is terrible. Absolute trash. A good finisher is high impact and looks like it should hurt. Since when does a leg drop of a glorified fireman's carry look "high impact".

    BS list. You obviously know nothing about wrestling.

  • randy ortan

    here come's rko

  • http://www.squidoo.com/randy-orton-workout1 Randy Orton Workout

    How is Dolph Zigglers finishing move #4 on the list? Randy Ortons punk is not considered a finishing move either.

  • willie

    hells gate is number one

  • Chaddeous

    1. Stone Cold Stunner
    2. Sweet Chin Music
    3. The People's Elbow
    4. Tombstone
    5. Macho Man's Flying Elbow
    6. Rick Flair's Figure-Four
    7. The Sharp-Shooter
    8. The Pedigree
    9.Banzai Drop
    10. Eddie Guerrero's Frog Splash

  • PhantomFawkes

    No F-5 (I'm not a fan of Brock Lesnar but I gotta give props where they're due that is one hell of a finisher), and no Goldberg Spear or Jackhammer. Goldberg did the jackhammer on The Big Show (then The Giant) and Mark Henry, that's insane! Also where's the shooting star press or the five star frog splash?

  • Kai_kudo04

    Shawn Deserved to be number 1, sweet chin music or super kick was really awesome 😀

  • Brent

    What about Hells Gate

  • leona

    im in love wit randy orton

  • https://www.facebook.com/dream41571 Omkar Kulkarni

    r u fuckin insane..ogan's leg drop n cena's AA r the worst finishers in wwe history..dis is almost a pg list..no rock bottom, no ddt, no widow's peak, no chokeslam..n its called tombstone piledriver..n it should be no. 1 followed by the sweet chin music..crappy list..

  • https://www.facebook.com/dream41571 Omkar Kulkarni

    n wherez the spear ?? rhyno's gore ??

  • https://www.facebook.com/jose.l.gonzalez.9047 Jose Luis Soto Gonzalez

    Dude i liked your list.
    Fuck the haters.
    It is your opinion and i for one respect that.


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