20 Best finishing moves of WWE (20 Photos)

  • Ilino Fernandes

    This is a BS list… There is no Chokeslam, Rockbottom, Last Ride, DDP's Diamond Cutter, Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface, the Swanton, Camel Clutch…just to name a few… and seriously Hulk Hogan's leg drop???? What about Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock.
    Stone Cold's Stunner features at No.3 guys…
    You need to get your facts right before publishing a fan list like this

  • Bret

    Umm no rock bottom swantom bomb? shooting star press angle slam the F.U Razors edge Eddie Guerreros frog splash theres so many people with better finishers dude

  • sanjay

    please put john cena in 1st and undertaker i2nd place……………………………………………………..

  • alva goldbook

    The moron who wrote this is the biggest moron to ever live. Most of this might as well have been listed as the worse finishers in WWE history. Who the hell remembers what Adrian Adonis' finisher was called. It's the freaking sleeper hold. At least mention the only guy who ever made that move really cool: Brutus Beefcake. The worse finishers ever would have to be Hogan's Leg Drop, The Rock's People's Elbow, and Cena's Attitude Adjustment (i.e. a lame fireman's carry). The burning hammer? Really? The only person to ever make that move work was Lugar's Human Torture Rack. I love Flair, and the figure 4 was cool in the 80's, but it was never much of a finisher. The kill switch, pedigree, and zig zag are all variations on the same move, and they're all fairly lame. The Broque Kick was ripped off from the Karate Kid. How lame is that? If you're going to mention the Batista Bomb, why not mention the guy who really made the move popular, Kevin Nash. Why not mention Cena's much cooler STF? Why not mention the Undertaker's Devil's Gate? Why not mention Goldberg's (or Edge's) Spear? Why not mention Eddie Guerrero's Frog Splash? Michelle McCool's Faith Breaker? You mean the move she stole from AJ Styles? The RKO, the Punt, the Go To Sleep, and the Sharpshooter all cool moves…but the move most deserving of this list that isn't mentioned is the Crippler Crossface.

  • http://wwe.com nwachukwuebuka

    Johncena is a good guy

  • buttlover

    Hold on there razor's edge, torture rack,and diamond cutter ………period

  • fapashiano

    see it..randy got two of his best finishers

  • http://anthonyagu@yahoo.com my best is the randy orton's rko nd brock lesnar f_5


  • YeahDawg23

    hogan had the lamest finsiher …why is it on this list ….for that matter why is the peoples elbow on here either…the rock bottom was the finisher.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sameolwael Wael Maraach

    You're kidding! What about the spear! Edge, much?!

  • Khalid

    You forgot 619 by Rey Mysterio

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