At the end of a long week I like to reflect back on my childhood. Is that weird? (37 Photos)

  • Ross

    #25 That is worth a lot of Redheads.

  • Mr. Donkey_Punch

    #5 Collectors would go Nuckin' Futz to have these … No … wait … I would go Nuckin' Futz to have these!

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #9 I whip my hair back and forth

    • Arthur

      What game is this? I cant remember!

  • Dancing Can

    #23 Still have it in my basement in my workshop.

  • inch I pvt I

    what ever happened to sweet pickles….. i love u sweet pickles

  • Stan

    Go back to the 90's. Faggots!

  • Alexis

    #10 I used to play that game (forget the name) on my computer and then the disc got slammed in the desk drawer and that was the end of it! It was a terrible day.

    • Crackerjack


  • Clabra23

    #28 funnest game ever

  • Crackerjack

    #29 These pens sucked. It would always get a lump of ink on the tip and wouldn't write right.

  • Adam

    #16 Bog-sometihing, right?

  • frombie

    #37 dude still gives me the creeps

  • itstanrum

    I had all of the toys in #1, and #6 was my favorite handheld. I also had a ton of pogs #25. I miss my childhood.

  • Pat B


  • FolleRousse

    #8 popples! ❤ they're the best. #35 everybody loves jack

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, speaking of the Brady Bunch, has anyone else read Maureen McCormick's autobiography? What I wouldn't have given to have had a chance to penis box her fart box for some coke!!! Ah, the memories I would have had – along with some pretty sweet pics!!!

  • Joe

    #7 YES! Dragon's Lair ate many of my hard-earned report card tokens at Showbiz Pizza.

  • tommytwotime

    #33 Jedi Knight!!! fucking loved that game!

  • Scotsman

    #28 Best game I ever played as a kid!

  • Bob

    #3…I usually know all of the things on these lists, but what the hell is this thing?? God I hope I'm too young to know it, and not too old.
    #21…Watch an episode of this show now, it was god awful. Just terrible, terrible television.
    #25…While this is an awesome use for the trapper keeper, the trapper keeper itself is more nostalgiac for me than the pogs.
    #31…I was convinced that Penny was real, and I wanted to marry her, so I could use her awesome book-puter.
    #37…Easily in the top ten best movies of all time.

  • Jii

    #23: I've got one of those!

  • wheeze

    i used to have one of those #16 totally forgot about it lol also #35 = love

  • Hellhammer

    #9 Final Fight! Love it…reminds me of this video

  • Bon_nie

    #10 and #25 are freakin' awesome, that is all.

  • Justin Hofstetter

    #35 and Cemetery Gates by Pantera playing on my iTunes synched up a little too perfectly…

  • rickszhp

    #28 i remember playing Banjo & Kazooe

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