Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • MayerJacoby
    • jalt


    • Dan E

      Got killed by a white guy in the boxing ring.

      • Dr, Evil.

        If you want to troll mayerjacoby, post that picture in his comments or e-mail it to him with either one of these lines, "This guy is awesome!" or "I will always be on his team!"

      • Logicyup

        That white dude has a masters in chemical engineering, a 180 I.Q, a third degree black belt, and can scare robbers out of his house with just his picture. all told, it was a good death. Many worse ways to die, especially in a movie.

        • Jake

          Ivan drago had in I.Q of 180?

          • F3n1x187

            Mind blown huh?

        • yomama

          "Lundgren has often been the victim of over-billing, with his IQ frequently cited as being around 160 and his height at 6 ft 6 inches (198 cm); both of which he has professed to be exaggerated." -wiki

    • backseat chiver


      • bobby

        no kiddin'. i didn't even notice 'til you pointed that out.

        • Mr Schneebly

          all the same chick..

          • joe pancake

            holy shit

          • McBanger


      • bob

        There is a god!

    • Sarah

      i dont like eddie murphy all that much anymore…

      • JHL1


    • Nate Bogner


    • Dee

      baby you got a stew goin!

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      The CIA got you pushing too many pencils?

    • Slingshot Engage

      he is but what does this have to do with anything

      • Dr, Evil.

        I think it's an attempt to troll guilty white liberal.

    • Saxman

      Apollo Creed?

      • Dr, Evil.

        He's such a badass he kept firing his machine gun after his arm had been blown off!

  • Rose3191

    #1 Ah yes, may the fries be with you

    • Unfkngblvbl

      these are not the fries you were looking for.

    • J-Z

      holy shit i only now noticed the fries, i just thought it was epic cause a little kid dressed up like obi wan kenobi

      • Nate

        I thought he was doing "I crush your head"

  • jfk

    took me a while to get past #4 ….never made it past #39 though

    • KFC

      Um, yes you did….you commented.

      • jfk

        my apologies…shoulda said never moved on from #39…different than moving past

        • JHL1

          "never got over" is an even better way of saying that….
          Or possibly "she is pure hotness"
          perhaps even "moar"

    • stonewall_79

      Oh man cross fit girls are awesome!!!

    • Mikey

      Good God!!! I would give everything I have to wear #4 left's a$$ as a hat!

      • Andy

        If you're reading this left #4, send more, more, more!
        You easily have the most fantastic legs and butt known to man !

        • KeepCalmDriveOn

          The most incredible thighs. Chive needs more legs posts.

      • That Guy

        The Girl on the Right is Jaquelyn Kay. She has an ass to die for!

    • Ian

      Ohhh, so that's what 4 and 39 looked like. Sorry, never bothered to look past #8…couldn't tear my eyes from it O_O

  • etcrr

    #2 what about my teef

    • Harry Vagina

      You shouldn't let the dog play with your teeth.

    • Abe Vigoda

      But whip out a jar of peanut butter and watch etcrr have a field day with that pooch. After, he'll clean up, log on to Chive and leave some faggy, generic comment.

    • Dumbeaner

      do i make you horny? do i make you randy baby!!!

  • etcrr

    #34 looks great to me

    • Mr.Mister

      I can smell the AIDS from here….

      • Ronaldo

        From etcrr or his transvestite whore?

    • Darksoul

      She looks…expensive.

    • Phamtastic

      etcrr, if I thumb you up, you will give me handjob?

    • For real

      Well of course she looks good to you. Every woman looks good to a dirty old man who never leaves the house. I mean seriously dude, do you ever leave home? I drop into the chive every so often and guess who I see posting on EVERY thread. Go play bingo or something for fuck sake's

      • stans psychologist

        'It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.'

        You really are a fucking nutbag, wow..

    • patience

      hummm wondering if she usually dresses like that or only when she go for work….

  • tralfaz

    That's Mac's cousin in #27

    • Flow

      I don't think you realize how awesome that would be.

    • Mr Schneebly

      ya the one on the far right

      • Prollyphonics

        Robin Van Persie (far right). One of the best players in the world right now.

    • Mel Gibson


  • _ThisGuy_

    Can't get enough of #39

    • Soap

      Because breasts.

    • zen idiot

      she is nearly perfect

  • Flow

    #11 So much conflict in this picture. A satanist, yet obviously god gave rock n roll to him.

    • Jesus

      He's not necessarily a Satanist. He's just into black metal. Most metalheads wouldn't know a real fucking Satanist if one bit them in the ass. But I dislike the corpse paint. I'm huge into all kinds of metal, but that paint just looks bad. It looks like he's wearing a badly done rip-off of King ov Hell's paint. So if you're going to wear corpse paint, have some originality and do a good fucking job.

    • thejim

      This fool has no rock n roll in him, he has no Elvis. Clearly he has given in to the evil anti-Elvis. Especially with that Avril poster on the wall.

      • Flow

        I was trying to say that he looks like he's a KISS fan that wandered astray,

        • Gui

          he's also a nazi: look at the svastika…

          • itstanrum

            Because Nazis are the only ones to ever use a swastika.

            • Matthew

              Pretty sure that was his intended use…

    • Animal

      If by "Satanist," you mean "complete and total douche," then, yeah.

    • Zen

      I totally see the kiss reference that seems to have gone over everyone's head

  • Tmac

    #20 F*** that noise

    • itstanrum

      I'm interested in the outcome of this photo.

      • Smartass

        The outcome? Someone won a photoshop contest.

  • Anon

    I can look at #45 again and again.

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      The black skirt needs to be lifted asap.

  • tiernana10

    #8 hominahominahominahomina

    • Troy Wilson

      FFS YES!!!!

    • Ely
      • walls

        Thank you kind sir!! (or madam)

      • uncle gary

        yeah, this is Redbans girl fo sho! Deathsquad dot tv son!

    • Mr.Yellow

      table for hominah?

    • DickFister

      If I were to bite her on the ass, I'd probably chip a tooth

  • mike

    #8 and #39 sheer PERFECTION!!!

    • _m3

      #8 is clearly in a photo shoot. FIND HER!

    • Down South

      Those are my two picks for the best too.

  • daniel

    #4 i just wanna meet the one on the left….that is all

    • stonewall_79

      What's wrong with the one on the right? Ok let's not fight I'll take her.

    • DanforReal

      Ok but i get the one on the right!

    • mike

      Hey I am a man, but IMHO her quadriceps (legs) are way too big. Its completely unattractive..

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Hey Mike. Her everything is awesome!

      • bobby

        Grace Jones' character in "a view to a kill" would strangle/crush people between her legs. I'd let the girl on the left do that to me.

      • Douche hunter

        Hey Mile maybe you are a fucking dick and women find you unattractive….is that what the problem is?

      • bsitz

        Booo…better butt wins

    • John

      That's fine, I'll take the right

    • Bill
  • Theeffinjeff

    #8 hands down the sexiest woman I've ever seen!!! Moar please!!!!

    • Tony

      if she is so hot why can't she get someone to take her picture beside herself in the mirror?

  • Verbal_Kint

    #25 was my fav. Forgot how funny it was the first time around…

  • Oh_crossfit

    #4 two of the #1night reasons to do crossfit
    love me some crossfit girls!

    • Oh_crossfit

      Two.of the number 1 reasons!!!
      Damn you auto correct

  • mikey

    #3 Why would you be proud to allow you're weapon to lay on the ground…..fukkin' WOG!

    • Logicyup

      I could be a grammar Nazi, but I won't. Either way, that's a lot of stuff that goes BOOM, I'd be pretty happy with myself if I was him. And very thankful it's not aimed in my general direction.

    • Sloppy Joe

      Think you meant POG, or as it is known to people who commonly call people that name, Pogue.

      AT4s don't need to be clean and shiny to function.

      And for your primary weapon, shit is going to get cleaned later that day anyways. You would know that too if you weren't a "WOG".

      • mikey

        "WOG, is also used as slang in the Canadian Army, meaning "Without Guts", or "Without Guns". Used as a derogatory term by the infantry towards support trades."

        Weapons do not lay on the ground…whether "designed" to get dirty or not.

        • ay jay

          canada has an army? thats about as useful as a shit flavored popsicle

        • Sloppy Joe

          I apologize Mikey for not being aware of the Canadian term for Pogue, I was in Iraq and didn't get any exposure to you guys.

          Weapons get put down, you are kidding yourself if you say otherwise.

          Ohh for the REMF comment, suck on my Purple Heart!

      • Sloppy Joe-REMF

        "And for your primary weapon, shit is going to get cleaned later that day anyways. You would know that too if you weren't a "WOG". "

        Spoken like a REMF

    • conman

      it's quite simple… Soldier says to sergeant: Hey sarge if I clean them can I take a picture of the javelin's and m16's in the dirt?
      Sergeant: I don't give a shit

  • Ollie

    #42… MORE! NOW! I DEMAND IT!

    • Jack

      That's Renee Oldstead. She's the little red haired girl from the sitcom "Still Standing"

    • Ruining the fun

      she has some topless pics out, here's the link..obv NSFW

      • Ruining the fun

        there's a little more than topless in there, one pic of her bottom half that i had forgotten about

    • what

      Wow, this pic is not hot… Way better chicks were posted this week chive…

    • chris

      ive shat things better looking than that when im hungover as shit!!!

      • @shibsta

        Shes also on secret life of the american teenager… annoy

        • @shibsta


  • Oli

    #4 Ha didnt notice the first time around she also has a "my warmup is your workout" shirt on. Looks better on her than on the fat chick from last week

    • stonewall_79

      Agreed bro.

    • Chris

      True, but the one from last week made me laugh more.

    • Paula_

      Damn, did you really get kicked out of shool at such a early age?
      OUR warmup asshat, learn to read.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Parker

        An* early age, not a early age. Someone else needs more schooling also 🙂

        • Paula_

          Hell, it took that long for someone to notice the 'a/an' error? And you missed the 'sch/sh' part…
          Sigh, my trolling is too complex for Chivers.

          – the one you love to hate

  • Bueller

    Now kiss!!!

  • TSH

    #8: redhead, great body, and an amazing ass. She wins the internet, the game of life, and whatever else she wants

    • mmmm

      Real men love redheads

    • woohdoggy

      yup, that's how society works. if you're hot, you'll be successful

  • jeremy

    #42 #26 #9


    • gross

      That redhead is fucking nasty. Pull your head out of your ass.

    • haha

      Redhead is a butter face!

  • jeremy

    #8 #8 #8

    wooops menat to put 8.. SOOOOO HOOOTTTTT!!!! MUST HAVE!!!!!

  • Magnus

    #45 I see the beginning of a great ass..

  • Rod

    #26 My name is Rod, and I like to party.

    • Epitomizer

      I do believe I can spot just a whisper of areola…. So damn sexy.

    • Rico

      My name is Rico and I too like to party….

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