Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Logicyup

    #6 at what point do you decide it's a good time to abandon ship and just swim?


    4, 12, 19, 39 MOAR!!!!!

  • jess

    #8 nom nom nom!

  • pip420

    that's Renee Olstead from the Tv show Still Standing.
    she grew a nice set of bewbs.

    • chris


  • Maverick03

    #8 Y U NO Go On Date With A Sergeant Of Marines??!! I'll take you out

  • Irish777

    #4 Those stockings should read "DAT ASS"

  • Bigwilly

    #8 looks like she's about to make some porn

  • Jawbone

    #11 Jesus. Put down the liquor and pick up a toothbrush. Teeth like corn kernels.

    • Irish777

      u blind?

      • RICCOwtf IS HE

        Yeah, wha the F is he talking about??

  • NoZ

    #26 simply beautiful.

  • ogle

    #4 left, #45 right

    • ogle

      best butts* and number 4 their socks are wrong

  • Oregon_country

    #8 Provide MOAR you must.

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    Did I miss the post of putting in your own photos:( How could this happen?!

    • Cory Bush

      ya man! it was something going on last tuesday!

  • heyoooo

    #19 Dear God. It's like they took a picture of my heaven and put it on the Chive.

  • Nomad

    #4 and #8
    Absolutely beautiful! Please be single

  • Rick

    #26 #45 NOM! quiero mas!

  • Dan

    Love you #8!! Marry me. So amazing mmmmm

  • Lord Zenu

    #11 Nothing says "Satanic Neo Nazi" like Avril posters and f'n stuffed teddy bear hearts (shelf on left). And is that a Care Bears poster I see on the bottom left?

  • Ben Curtis

    #42 the chick from still standing. Hilarius show. Wow she is duper hot now!

    • ewww

      Super hot? Dude this bitch is nasty, way hotter chicks were posted this week…

      • F3n1x187

        check what egotastic has on her then comment again

  • imdowngetme

    #26 nice areola

  • nabA

    #8.. This could be in every post, everyday, and I would never complain.

  • MsCali

    # 8! I'm a girl…. But god damn that bitch is fine!!!!!

  • Mike

    #34 is sexy as fuck. But seriously chive you guys should do a post of funny questions on yahoo answers posts. They're hilarious.

  • backseat chiver


    Everyone noticed they are all redheads right? I mean…Mother of God

    • Bwiz

      Pretty sure its actually all the same girl.

      • Prollyphonics


    • guest

      i noticed that pussy on the first one

  • bones

    the legs on #4 left!

    • RICCO

      If you put Britney Spear's neck on her, you got yourself a wrestler.

  • bones

    #19 almost see the holy land on the far left

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