Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (41 Photos)

  • malfyz

    #41 note: on this vote, all votes cast towards the men were counted 3x more than votes for women. as of now the women still have a landslide victory

  • vince


    i love me some shawn johnson, sexxxy!!

  • Duke

    The first ginger girl has a tampon string sticking out, other than that it's a great picture!

  • jayjay


  • Anonymous

    Change the book to an iPad and you’re in the U.S.

    Hey world, u jelly?

  • REY

    #41 all the girls are redheads……HAWT!!!!!

  • inspector32

    #41 is shopped. lol nice ass though. i was wondering how they all had the same hair color then noticed the girl in the middle has her right arm up but appears her hand was amputated. i still vote for the female ginger

  • Jay

    Can people really not tell that is all the same girl in #41? I lol'd at the guy saying "the one on the left is the hottest"

  • jimmypl1122

    7 redheads and 14 KCCO cheeks a showing? That’s Heaven right there. Oh and the seven mooning Chivettes win by a land slide!

  • https://www.facebook.com/CazArmour0n3 Caz Bliss Armour

    #22 Sadly I know someone who did that, but to his defense he was punched in the nuts and as he went down, he paid her back with a swift upper cut -.-

  • https://www.facebook.com/sean.a.perez Sean Perez

    Clearly the girls, redhead overload……

  • in1ear&outurmother

    #10 is that Rich Franklin from the UFC??

  • zach

    #22 I've done it. She deserved it

  • http://twitter.com/edmerbrito @edmerbrito

    #11 it's national cleavage day and this is all we get? Disappointing chive

  • Jake

    #41 I vote male. GOTTA VOTE FOR MY TEAM. I do love redheads though, tempting. Sorry, ladies.

  • Josh

    #38 please don't ever stop sending in pics unless you want to send them to me 🙂

  • tvalora

    #25 Troegs Represent!!! Wutup PA KCCO

  • gingergreek

    #41 girls win!

  • Vic

    #41 Easy a redhead win, but why do two of them have missing hands?

  • Cywasi

    #41 does anyone notice it is the same chick all of them?

  • Nathan Ripper

    #41 am i the only one who realized that THIS IS THE SAME CHICK SHOPPED IN 7 TIMES!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1561303106 Steve Evans

    #41 Mind the Gap KE! I can see your labia!

  • jake

    #33- National Ass Cleavage Day! Hell yes

  • yoyoma

    #41 not only are they all gingers but most of them have AMAZING asses. girls win, HANDS DOWN!

  • Wobbes

    Chick in the middle is missing her right hand?

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