Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (41 Photos)

  • mikemike

    I say the girl won because its photo shopped and its only one girl

  • fred

    #23, Hawaiin version of T2, #41 – Gingers of course!

  • sean

    # 38 why so serious?

  • liz

    haha my roomate has the chair in #37 she uses it all the time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/makanakai Makana-Kai Turner

    And they're all redheads too…just brought a tear to my eye!

  • TheWileyMinnesotan

    awesome grey knight in #32.

  • cpt.

    #41…could it be…the same chick bum 7 times into 1 picture…either way great shot. # 38…thank god for beautiful women and yoga pants.

  • Herr_Opa


    And from a PuertoRican chiver stuck in MI:

    Puñeta! Que cosa cabrona! Hagan un post completo con fotos de las 2!

    (Fuck! -Phrase with no literal translation- ! Make a complete post with pictures of both!)

  • Adrian


    This is the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. This Festival of Colors or "Holi" as we call it has been going on for years. It has recently started to take on an incredible crowd of tens of thousands of people. I have been coming to this temple to worship for a few years now. It is nice to see this place on the chive! Hare Krishna Chivers, maybe we will see some of you at the next festival April 14th in salt lake city! Google it!

    • Adrian

      if you were at this festival, you probably saw me and my fiance playing music inside the temple room (can't fit this many people in there at once).

  • krussader

    #32 The Emperor's Will protects my virginity.

  • Marty83

    #41 Its the same chick! Massive photoshop fail on the hand of the one in the middle, still gets my vote!

  • http://twitter.com/pyrosis pyrosis

    #41 Female of course. #30, #35, #38, very nice!

  • mal

    is that a photoshopped pic of the same girl?

  • Jshawl

    you all do realize that it is the same girl seven times in the picture right? with really bad photo shop because she is missing hands in some of the poses. Just saying.

  • Tim

    #41 Am I the only one who noticed that the 4th one with the purple underwear has a gimpy arm?

  • lv2acler8

    #41 female for sure.. Mind the Gap and Hump day.. 2 for one

  • jjj

    #41 where is the rest of the LM girl's arm? it just stops…doesnt even look like it was amputated…?

  • Chef Matt

    #41 Females for sure. I like how some of them went commando, and how all of them were redheads. I love theChive community.

    Btw, you guys should find the second and fourth girl. Because nice butts.

    • chaserdown

      Second time I have seen this and I am pretty sure they are all the same girl. SO SO hot though, so I think you just looking for one chick

  • jofassa

    #27 You are a dream. And quite a badass.

  • Matt

    38 find moar!

  • Brandon

    #41 The win goes to the 7 redheaded femmes hands down. 3-4 of which look like they burned their panties just for the shot. You're argument has never been more invalid.

  • Alan

    This dude really wanted to see one up close.

  • Anonymous

    #41 …anyone look closely at this? guys win cause of team spirit.

  • dawg065

    #33 humpday came early.

  • ass man Dan

    #41 , Clearly the beautiful red haired women are the winners

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