Girls in ridiculously tight dresses…need I say more? (24 Photos)

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  • TattooDutchess

    #39 thats my ex's O-face!! bwahahaha

  • Gerard

    #8 is the new phenomenon…that"s all authentic #nophotoshop #badass

  • heysljdljs

    #31 is the best of all

  • pinky

    Women are wonderful to admire. Thank you ladies.

  • Liquid14

    Please find #6! I think I'm in love..

  • Joe

    how come there is a little caprice photo included here that obviously has different copyright information below the Chive tag? Wtf.

  • Dickle

    #35 Wins

  • Jack Oliver

    Alll I can say is # 8, 11, 21 is WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • outsider

    #19 jlh looks good

  • donnie damagee

    number 27 on the the right is absoluty gorgeous you needd to find her

  • #allthat6969

    i wonder about the sign above #16 head… lol

  • Kerry

    #8, #21, #38
    Will you Marry me ?

  • DRC36


    lookin like some sexy power rangers

  • nun o yur bidness


  • Trey

    Can I get some MOAR of #37 please?

  • skinnykin

    #1 Good golly Ms. Molly!

  • Chive54


  • Arty

    Shor's Bones they're fucking hot

  • VegaTrisha

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  • munna

    Nice and sexy

  • Jimmy


  • Scott

    #3 is winning!

  • kessel81

    #16 was taken at a Save on Foods not sure which city.

  • billyjack13

    #8 and #21 do it for me……

  • J.Patt

    #22 and #24 are pretty amazing!! MOAR PLEEEEASE!!

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