• SPZander

    Autotune remix must be in the works… way too tempting; it's got "double rainbow" written all over it.

  • Teddy

    the things he found was cheese doodlez, choclate, random candy, mentos and… cheese 😛

    its not very hard to understand norwegian as a swede ;P

  • 147689

    is that Sweden? … i wana learn how to speeak it its sounds awesome lol

    • smugface


  • StaticFX

    smoke another one… wow

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=748615000 Michael Boyle

    I don't see what the big deal is, that's how I get anytime I find candy.

  • Mike

    Ad before vids now? Really guys? Not selling enough tee shirts to keeps the doors open over there?

  • haroldcat

    I react the same way when I find a nug tucked away somewhere. no joke.

  • Derp

    The little things in life, eh?

  • cmerz

    I feel like a guy in the South Pole is happier than I'll ever be.

  • bob

    Pretty funny, but isn't this video upside down?

  • CaptainObvious!!


  • Cheez

    It's amazing how much you can learn to appreciate stuff. Like toilet paper, or cheesedoodles.

  • majorfathead

    Is that the Swedish Chef gone bad?

  • Sundevil8181

    How incredibly stupid…and I only watched 30 seconds…what a waste of time..worst I have ever almost watched.

  • Ashom

    Ok, so this man REALLY likes his cheese doodles. Just sayin'.

  • David

    Don't be sad Peter, that's why they call it shooople!

  • Tom

    Ok… Now lets send the rest of the crazy people there. Obama plan can work!

  • BeckyDontPlayDat

    This is awesome. So much "Holy crap, I forgot about these!!"

  • Trig

    So much for leaving the Southpole a prestine environment. Arrest his littering arse!

    • Guest

      he came back for it didn't he? yes

  • Bob

    Not been there, but done that…

  • K-9

    Where's the poplar bear?

  • Gggg

    I think he has been there to long

  • Ken

    Reminds me of the Lakupiippu guy.

  • nic

    you think he would pack healthier food for his trip back to where he is headed, so he wouldn't be hopped up on sugar lol. But hey at least he's happy.

  • gruffguano

    It would even have been funnier if the bag of chips had popped open, after he threw it. And an army of penguins had started pecking at the cheesy puffs.

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