• Mr. Nuff

    You know I don't speak Spanish. In English please!

  • DetroitBurbanite


  • Somespeed

    As a stoner I can relate


    That's not the south pole, he's not upside down!!

  • http://www.fuckthisbullshit.com Mark.

    This made my day.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Hmm… Did he check on the expiry dates??? LOL

  • http://trollblogg.blogg.no Finfrosk

    Yeah, go Norway!
    I understood every word he was saying. Because I speak the language! BOOYAH, suckers!

  • Fure

    This guy is Norwegian. Being Norwegian as well, I will kindly provide you with a brief summary of his opening remarks, up until the yelling starts. He talks a lot about how super it would be to have a snack, and, as he apparently suffers from a mild form of amnesia, he really can't remember if he buried some cool candy or just the usual freeze dried stuff on his last visit. Proceed to yelling.

  • WoogyMonster

    That's exactly how I feel when I see the beautiful Chivette's.

  • rob

    and he then throws them in the air and breaks all of them….

  • goldybeast

    Anyone else hoping that those were swedish fish he found in there…..

  • scholltrain1

    jeff bridges?

  • http://twitter.com/BOlekas @BOlekas

    Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

  • ouch

    OK, I think he needs to get back to civilization.

  • Rhayzor

    Wait till you see his reaction to finally being able to access online porn again…..

  • dacky2

    Here is my rough translation if you want a clue as to what he's saying:

    Look here. I’m pretty damn excited to see what might be left here.
    Just basic rations is all I’ve had, but some stuff left here, I’ll see if any of my goodies are left, that would be the best.
    (Shouting while digging) Is there any goodies here?
    (Mumbling while crawling toward the camera) I don’t think there is anything left here, but a man is always allowed to hope!
    Matches, vasoline, zinc salve, quite a bit of stuff and that’s good….

    • dacky2

      The rest of what he says…

      (Then the shouting starts! Lifts up bag of cheez doodles.)
      Is it real? Is it just lying there! A whole bag of Cheez Doodles! I’m so hungry now!
      Now this stuff is just trash, some extra back-up stuff I don’t need…
      (finds the chocolate bar) Oh yeah, what was I thinking! Was I trying to save on weight? That’s just not possible. Here???
      (Starts whooping and rolling on the snow) Here are some mentos! And Cheese! I left everything here that I should have taken to the second depot! My God! Well that was that….no even more!
      (Lies down in the snow in hysterical laughter) I’m going completely crazy! (breaks into Hallelujah chorus)

  • Zmarrs

    Just fyi…. He isn't trekking the South Pole. That is the North Pole. He even says so at the beginning. (and he talks about looking for Santa)

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