Cat Saturday (32 Photos)

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  • The DM

    Yea… tell me when you're old enough to drive, pencil dick.

    • Angela

      Because you won't fuck any boys under 16?

  • Towman

    Dog Sunday please

  • Hoovie56

    I hate cat Saturday so much.

  • Canaduh

    #13 jeez, as if I didn't already have a problem with my pets watching me F**K

  • TacoChops

    #19. That was good.

  • MattKL

    #5 "Oh my God, they're doing it AGAIN."

  • Callo Hinst

    #10 Ok you come with me now cat.

  • Angela

    #25 Thanks for putting in the *pop* sound effects! Now we now what kitty is doing!!!!

    Fuckin' gayer than a bag of dicks. Jesus Weepin' Christ. This site has gone downhill.

    • Angela is a twat

      Looks like you'll have to masturbate the day away somewhere else. GTFO.

  • Jay

    What is wrong with all you people!? They are cats. They are funny. Get over it. The peoPle who have such strong opinions ("cats are gay" etc…) are just effing sad. If you hate something so trivial such as cat pictures you are pretty pathetic.
    Coming from a guy who likes cats. Who likes dogs. Who also happens to like women. They are not mutually exclusive.

  • njvw

    #10 #11 Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaFeve310

    Why look at this post if you hate cats, is it because you're locked in your parents basement with your dicks in your hands getting off on arguing and being a racist. Oh yeah it is.

  • KeepCalm617

    #15 is pretty damn cute, no denying it.

  • Lupus

    Love #19 hahah i remember when my cat was still in his early active age doing the same thing as this….flipping lights switch on and off, chasing laser dots, running in circle like mad,…………………………and oh yeah………..and catching him peeing on my bed.

  • samauri

    If you don't like cat Saturday then don't look at the thread? But that's just common sense. I keep forgetting a lot of people lack that… Made my day mac!

  • Gina


  • ryan

    dog sunday!! someone in that office is biased against dogs

  • lv2acler8

    #11 may have fixed the ear.. but with a look like that, looks like its up to no good lol

  • Rolly Fingerz

    #31 I think that's a real Jet Blue pilot.

  • John Kenny

    I see this cat and I think of Homer Simpson from the episode SUMMER OF 4 FT. 2 in season 7, screaming "SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP…MY CAR!!!"

    Classic. B)

  • Rememo

    #6 Ha! The same thing happened to me, while I was going the exact same thing. The cat that jumped on me had all of it's claws… OUCH!!!!!!!!! Oh, and there some great photos in this post.

    • Rememo

      its, not it's…. I always screw that up the first time. Damn.

  • Anna Lynn

    Oh my god! I love them all! But I especially like #1 #12 and #27

  • Dogman

    What are cats good for ?

  • abram

    Dog Sunday

  • Byron_Black

    #31 HAHAHAHA!!!

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