Cats in the middle of nowhere (18 Photos)

  • Anthony Jolliffe

    touche Mack, touche!

  • catish

    Made my day 😀

  • iamzuul

    It might…MIGHT be funny if it was a random cat occurrence but chive posts this shit way too often. Its like the secretly gay kid that makes fun of all the other gay kids. I see right through you chive.

  • jack wagon

    Black sheep, that is some funny shit right there!

  • EvilRoySlade

    #2 Find Them!!

  • Sean

    awesome! But 2 S&S is enough. KCCO, love the April 1 posts!

  • Hammer

    Chivettes like cats, what do you expect Monster Truck Sundays, silly turds

  • The dude

    Effin eh Mac! Great post, right up there with "the story of Seymour the cat" haha chive on!

  • etcrr

    #13 I get to stalk prey like my cousin tigger the tiger

    • Ringlefinch

      I don't think they come any gayer than you, cock stalker.

  • iEatCats

    Mac is gay for cats

  • Josh

    Cool April Fools joke Chive. Do you have anymore?

  • 0331



    fap, fap, fap, FAP

  • T RAW

    Fuck all this gay ass cat shit

  • jean.

    Mac, becoming the crazy cat lady one post at a time.

  • Gggg

    This weekend was just full of Pussy.

  • Dingle

    Sooo much pussy.

  • Jules

    You guys just made my Sunday! Xx

  • Mayhem18

    Lol! Thanks for the extra day of cats Chive!

  • Catlover


  • Hasegawa

    haha I love you Chive!!!

  • blahblahblah

    For a PG13 website, you're showing an awful lot of pussy…

  • Carbon

    we all can see Mac had a good weekend with all of the cats this weekend.

  • May

    All so fucking great!

  • Madalaine

    Loving this cat extravaganza!!! These kitties brought a smile to my face after a terrible week. THANK YOU!

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