• J-Nator

    Truthfully, if she didn't want to date him from the first off then she didn't deserve the dude. He has too much talent, heart, and honor to be with someone that'll cut him off unless he has to do something that big on television. Superb performance and hope he realizes he probably should have been with someone that accepted him from the start. And I hope she didn't change her mind cause she thinks he's going to get a record deal somewhere and go big. That'd be terrible for the poor guy. I give him five stars overall ~'*****'~

  • PoopleDinosawr

    Dublin isn't even in Britain… stay the fuck in your own country paddy

  • Yaltor

    Does this remind anyone else reminded of Hunger Games?

  • Brocksamson007

    Wow dude… That taook alot of bloody guts! Well done! Everyone should take a page out your book!

  • JLay

    Smooth Operator! The girl in question is very pretty & I think this kid sealed the deal with style. And if it doesn't work out, then he made hundreds of others instantaneously moist…so I think he'll be just fine! Cheers

  • Edaea_Sinid

    I just hope that for once, just this one time, there is a girl out there deserving for this type of boy too. He's young and in an age where, well, let's be honest, girls tend to pick poorly…best of luck for you pal!

  • JD badass

    So did it work

  • Anonymous

    Panty dropper.

  • josh

    read the followups


    she thought he song was "soooooo funny"

  • nakimunaki

    he should call it "Gayshitsong".

  • Amelia

    Beautiful performance,
    Tears in the audience,
    Unanimous approval from the judges,
    and a standing ovation from the whole crowd.
    That girl better scoop him up soon, before someone else does.

  • ReynoldsEdgar

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  • Chris Green

    WOW…..Great song…..Amazing.

  • Lugh

    Fail. She has the hots for someone else. Nice try, kid, but move on. There were a lot of wet panties in that audience after you sang, so I imagine your prospects are looking up.

  • DustinSellers

    if there has ever been a Chive story that shows the beginning of a relationship it should be this one……….that and the girl that wanted to unfriendzone herself last week!

  • G-Unit

    Sadly, it didn't work

    He's still in the friend-zone

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