It’s amazing just what crazy-ass signs actually exist (30 Photos)

  • Kris1981

    #12 Leicester on the Chive map!!!

  • Christiano Barretto

    In 29, the word "farto" in Portuguese means "aplenty", "abound", "full"; but it turns out to be pretty funny in English. *drogaria = drugstore

  • Christiano Barretto

    #29 The word "farto" in Portuguese means "aplenty", "abound", "full"; but it turns out to be pretty funny in English. *drogaria = drugstore

  • SadeShadz

    #1 Terrorists welcomed?Ahaaaa xD
    #23 You don't say!

  • VTXMAN1300

    #1 is actually an anti-gun campaign outside of Fenway on the Mass Pike. What's missing from the photo is the real time count of children injured or killed by guns – as a result of lax gunlaws.
    Or yeah…just like DoublePivot said….=/

  • Nathan Stone

    Buzz's Bike Shop! We have some other La Crosse Chivers/Chivettes on here. Have yet to see one out in the wild…

  • Master_Rahl

    #16 That's not funny…. ok, yes it is.

  • Master_Rahl

    #22 So awesome it's almost unreal! Hahahaha!! "Do they speak English in What?"

  • Shmoof

    There's a perfectly good reason why #2 is called Horseheads…. Because they killed horses there in the fighting against Native Americans there in New York…… And buried or cut of the heads of horses… There, now I ruined the picture's comedic value

  • Pat B

    Route #17 right before a town called Big Flats (yes, that is the name) and Corning, where right after Corning there is a town called Painted Post (….). Welcome to Western New York.

  • kyle

    Picture #1 behind fenway park, unfortunatley bussiness's like that are making law enforcment more dangerous.

  • Dr. Evil.

    Somewhere, a furry is masturbating to this!

  • Johny

    #1 was up in Boston but here they cut of the side that said help end the American gun show….

  • April C.

    #22 Does he look like a bitch?

  • WayneZzWorld13

    Definitely not the FBI…

  • nate

    #7 20 mins from home in belvue, KS

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