I’ve seen their future, it’s full of lower back problems (35 Photos)

  • theyellowfever

    Pretty sure #17 has been found, but I think we could all use a reminder.

    • murphy pendleton

      agreed……ultra hot

    • Rex crotch

      She looks fat

      • Obvious man

        That's because she is fat.

        • Southern Dude

          She's a bigger girl (regardless of the negative votes) but she's got it going on.

          I'm all in! :p

        • Grz

          Obviously you don't understand the difference between "fat" and "tits". If you've been to her site, she clearly has a thin waste.

          • Grz

            "waist" I mean

        • Dennis

          you're all morons, she's not fat at all. She has very large tis and has an awesome body, just check out her site.. .http://www.monicamendez.com What a bunch of gays, can't tell a beautiful woman when you see one, lol.

      • Kodos

        And your point is? If your most primitive of limbic brain was working correctly, you would be naturally inclined toward a woman with *some* extra body fat because they would breed better offspring.

    • That Guy

      Wendy Fiore?

      • Rob

        Monica Mendez

    • Truth

      FAT. No thanks.

      • luvTnA

        I don't see anything wrong with her, other than the fact that she's not naked in my bed

    • Monster Mash

      Monica Mendez. NSFW

    • rockstar

      hi boobs

    • euro

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    • mohith

      ur boobs r so ht

  • Still_Counts

    #19 is the cure for my lazy eye

    • MattKL

      She stopped me cold for more than a few seconds.

    • spliggs

      I was just wondering if the peek-a-boo underboob was intentional, or is she spilling outta those things?!

    • Dwide Schrude


      This picture is about 10 years old. The milks gone bad…

      • Jeff

        True. She used to have that 'Neighbor's daughter who would ruin your life' look going on. Now she looks like that stripper you fucked that one time in Miami who stole your watch.

        • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

          I believe she actually get's naked now, which has got to be quite a disappointment.

      • TIM

        if it's gone bad, why do I still FAP to it?

        • derp derp

          derp derp

        • JHL1

          Don't listen to them Tim. She's still hot and when she's naked it is no disappointment.
          We're just not so shallow as the haters above.

    • Francisco

      Nice ass tits

  • etcrr

    #12 he knows what he likes and I can't disagree with him

    • etcrr 127p

      I like the kid ,dont ask me why.

    • etcrrisapedo

      Stop commenting granpa and gtfo.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      That's because you're on the same level of intelligence as the kid.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Stan_Dalone

        Open letter to the Chivers

        How is it a troll who is intensly hated by most everyone somehow gets 154 votes up? When what she says, has little or nothing of any value.

        Especially when her goal is to reach a plus score. So how is she managing to do that? Well I did some research, it turns out you can buy a plug

        in on-line for 45 dollars american and it by-passes the Perma-Link. So you can effectively keep voting yourself up. The only other way is if you

        OWN the site and you can by-pass it anytime you like. After a several hour confrontation with the people who run paula this is what one of them

        had to say: "Chive guy • 3 hours ago iIf you knew who Paula really is it would blow your feeble mind". So the boys in the office run paula,

        isn't that right LG?

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          LOLWUT? Having a Deja Vu here… But hey I do OWN this site!

          Anyway just buy my plugin!

          – Fan testimonial: "You are a comedic genius Paula. It's really just that simple. 🙂 – LG"

    • Caty

      Who put this picture on here? This is my kid and my best friend. I love how people can just upload random pics and claim them as their own. Awesome. NOT!

  • Scooter

    #27 Find her!!!! Ask her if this smells like chloroform, and then bring her to me.

    • Bob

      Google Iga Wyrwal for more pics of his hottie.

    • noone

      Iga (aka Eva and Iva) Wyrwal.

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      • jani eats balls.

        o rly. try the go-fuck-yourself keystoke combo. it will get you top ranks, you cock gargler.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000816124357 Mahmoud Maloul

      hi how are you.. so can i make fuck with you if you want that

    • http://www.facebook.com Ali hassan ansari

      Best girl i like you nice to me alihasan_gaggoo@yahoo.com

    • badam

      hi, i love you

  • 3MC

    #6. Oldie but goodie. Can we find her?

    • noone

      I think she is Nikki from nextdoornikki.com

      • Jebus

        Yep next door Nikki

    • Mee

      Nikki Sims

    • Blank

      Welcome to the internet

    • max

      this is the first picture thats mesmerized me

      • pleasuringbabes

        Agreed, when I hit this pic, I think I lost track of time for a few minutes. This has got to be one of the best underboob shots I have ever seen.

    • http://www.quoteofthedaycollection.com recipes

      ufff..so sexy

  • etcrr

    #27 #30 #31 Wow, that's all

    • etcrr 127p

      Please thumb up my comments or i get depressed and do unspeakable things to my goat.

    • Riley Freeman

      Who is #30?

      • turd ferguson

        That is from an FTV girls shoot, although I don't remember the name.

    • Steelburpin'

      27 and 30: look like the same girl to me.

  • ggggg

    #31… WOW

    • Livewire

      . . . .in a glass case of emotion.

      • Sarge

        is "horny" an emotion?

    • Ken

      Wow doesn't even cut it. Absolutely amazing is more like it.

    • biggles

      Perfect woman.

      Until she opens her mouth

      • just a dude

        in my experience BJ's hurt less when they open their mouths

    • Miss Kitten

      Hell yah!

  • KFAD

    I was like YES #19. Then #30 came FTW

  • RealZoo

    #8 (the one on the right) #27 #34 …is HOT!!!

    • Anon

      they both look good 😛 Also GCG!

  • MattKL

    #5 Mother of God…

    • Dad

      No not his mother, but she does look damn good

    • Michael Lages

      Jelena Jensen….Google…NSFW.

      • Cyril

        Jelena jensen……the hottest soft porn star

        • Bryan

          Are you sure? I think it may be "Amber Cutie" from myfreecams . . .

  • Bob

    #33 best of the lot

    • Jay

      Always great seeing "StackedLatina" show up on this site. Such a shame the site with her pics no longer has them and we've never known her name or where she's from. Methinks they were photos for a boyfriend and not something she ever intended to 'model online'.

      • bobby

        thanks for the tip – good god she has a smoking hot body!

      • your_savior

        Isn't that Charley Chase?

      • YoYo

        Raven Riley

    • ron

      I was on a dating site and this was the picture she used. Vancouver,b.c. Hot as he'll!!

  • Jimmy the Saint

    #31 should be Chivette of the week!

    • Batex

      its victoria moore, english model

      • Clayyy

        You saved my life.

    • hahaha

      As if she give a fuck about a bunch of losers voting for her on a fap site.

      • hahaNOT

        that really hurt man. not cool. so not cool on a monday as well (i have to write all in lowercase as i am fapping as i type this)

        • Martin_McFly

          impressive you even bothered with the parentheses!

  • boobman

    #19 #30
    I wanted to be first but these took up all my attention.

    • Underbaker

      Gotta love big natural bewbs, this has to be my favorite Chive Post.

  • The Man

    Great use of camera angle here! http://thechive.com/2012/04/02/ive-seen-their-fut

    • Hung Lo

      #4 ?

      • Underbaker

        Actually it is this one #6

  • Mickey

    #35 OH HOW SAD FOR YOU!!!

    • boob lover

      Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

    • cjuncosa

      Some people really got it rough, you know?

    • Rick

      If that's "not right," I'm not sure I understand the concept of "right."

  • aaron

    #2 nice..very nice

    #33 is a golden oldie!

  • maboze1x

    #11 could ignore duck face.
    #13 FTW!!!

    • hoserman

      What is this 'face' you speak of?

    • soft taco juice

      Agreed on #13. Absolute killer.

  • givethedjabj


    • Byron_Black


    • http://thedrunkendiscourse.blogspot.com Alan

      more makeup pl0x

    • nothnkyou

      Kill it ,kill it with fire.

    • StaticFX

      i also disagree…in fact, wouldnt mind MOAR!!

    • Kodos

      nope, cupcake just needs to lighten up on the icing, that's all…

  • Trav

    #24 is my fave but, other than her, this is my least favorite FLBP in a while… which is sad cuz it is my favorite category. 😦 Better luck next week.

    • heychivettes

      Keep calm and whore on.

  • Rollout25

    #13 is a lucky number today!

    • DFawkes

      Should you wish to do some some further googling, her name is Petra Cubonova and I love her 🙂

  • an admirer

    they save lives and babies like them, what more do we need to say??

  • MrCoffeeman


    Slow answer because…. well, you know.

    Support the cause.

    • yty

      Horrible – why would someone want to support breast cancer?

      • http://hermesdfo.blogspot.com Hermes

        Should be "support breast cancer awareness"

    • Blank

      Or fingerless gloves?

    • Dastrdly

      The design could be improved but the idea is great. Chive could sell them with a portion of the proceeds going to research to prevent breast cancer. I'd buy one or two.

    • qwert

      hadn't someone posted a KEEP CALM & FUCK CANCER t-shirt?

    • Maynard B.

      I can see you have a vested interest

    • DoomsDayDub

      "Keep Calm & Save FLBPs" would be a better slogan.

  • OldManChiver

    #23 10 Points to Gryffindor…

    • Jace

      That wasn't creative at all, Ive seen that exact response 9 times in regards to Harry Potter. Get creative

      • frankus

        congrats. a cookie is on its way to you douchebag

      • OldManChiver

        Hmm, get creative… How about Go fuck yourself you sanctimonious little arsewipe?

  • Mickey

    #23 Find Her!!!!

    • john

      sexy beauty…

    • personfrommoon

      yes please .. someone reveal her identity??

  • Patrick

    #20 You are a genius.

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