Mind the gap! (37 photos)

  • imyourhuckleberry

    This post is making me firsty

    • _ThisGuy_

      At least you're a clever douche.

    • look at me

      I'm not always a D-bag!… But when I am I post first.
      The most interesting douche on Chive

  • ST33

    #34 Sign me up

    • http://twitter.com/RickS4D @RickS4D

      That is Ashley Sky I think, I followed her on twitter a while but she is damn annoying xD

    • the dude

      who the hell s she ??

    • MattyDeuce

      Yea, seriously…I'm glad she was at the end because I lost all my focus after seeing her.

  • ST33

    Mother of…….

    • Josh


    • Thedude

      That's one big, BEAUTIFUL behind!

      • dude chases chubby

        Big as in fat

        • Underbaker

          Really? I think that is one of the most perfect asses I have seen on this site and you call it fat?

          • dude chases

            yes, I do. body isn't fat but the ass certainly is big.

        • Dr. FAP

          Yeah, she looks real fat…….You into chicks with anorexia?

    • BSS

      Took me 10 minutes to get by this picture. Very nice.

      • http://twitter.com/beagleracing @beagleracing

        ditto that. there's more pics after #3?

    • joey

      I wish more things in life were this amazing

    • BostonianGuest

      There were a set of these somewhere on this site before. Does anyone remember them or where they are?

    • dkassa

      i told my girlfriend to not send in her pic..damn!

    • justinmacumber

      That is a perfectly shaped ass. Just perfect. Wow.

    • Guest

      Really amazing.

    • ALEX


    • Truth

      Be serious. If you saw her in jeans you'd all think she had a fat ass, unless you are black of course. She is not fat overall, but her ass is huge. Be honest people.

      • Groggy

        I don't know why this "if you like some meat on the booty, you must be black" bullshit is still being perpetuated.

        This is a great ass. I like having something to hold on to…and some cushion for the slaps.

    • zimzum

      the one ass to rule them all

    • David

      Please number. 3 MOAR! Please please.

    • Phalkon
    • Glaarg

      This repost … Never. Gets. Old.

    • robbie_R

      Keyra Augustina? Just a guess

    • Mr. Long_schlong

      … my children!

    • GlobeSwatter

      One of the sweetest hiny's I've ever been told.

  • jean.

    #22 Morning streeetch.. 😉

    • ElDiablo69

      Is that you Jean?? 😉

      • Snooki

        Is that you big juiced up gorilla? I need a new daddy for mah babbbbbbyyyyyy

      • jean.

        nope, just admiring the view.

        • ElDiablo69

          Ditto. Sure is something to behold 🙂

    • Homer Simpson

      DOH!!!!! I need more of this.

  • BigPup

    #3 OH SNAP!….. MOAR please!

    • facts


      • inspector32

        "fat"? you sir are a fucking moron

    • atothab

      fenny argentinita – some nsfw

    • Phalkon
    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      one of the best tushes i have seen in a while

    • ezjaming

      her name is Fenny. Find her at Supertangas

  • Jim

    Mind the Gap…..a.k.a. the critical dimension.

  • Ryan

    Oh #3 #18 #19 and #34, come visit me in Cocoa Beach, FL.

    • Joe

      Hell, if you're bringing them to Cocoa Beach, I'll take the remainder! Now about that job…lol

    • fact

      # 3 will visit you at the buffet

      • Chuck

        Give it a rest, asswipe!

    • Tom

      Actually #34 lives in FL.

      Ashley Sky… *sigh*

      • Ryan

        oh wow. Thanks for letting me know. Must… not… stalk…

      • Amanda

        So does # 18. In Tampa right now, but from Jupiter, FL 😉

    • bdg

      You have impeccable taste sir!!!!!!

  • Maynard B.

    #12- We've seen this girl alot. Anybody know who she is?

    • Dom


    • Jack o' lantern

      I think…. yeah….. from this angle….. I'm pretty sure she's not your mom

  • Martin_McFly

    #1 I stared at that Gap so long, I'm seeing stars now…


      Just makes you feel so alive! ha

    • SATexas4life

      Sexy GODDESS isn't even saying enough.


    #37 WHO IS THIS?!?!?

  • Martin_McFly

    #18 Imagination? Who needs it!

    • M T L

      This pic is so freaking sexy.

    • KCCO

      want to lick this

    • ckretmsage

      I'm currently imagining the rest and it is totally amazing….

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      CT…that is all

  • Jonesy

    #5 mawr!!!!!!!!!

    • Jerry Seinfeld

      She has man hands

      • Nah

        Lose the Ford shirt!! Ford's not cool

  • Bigc2008

    I'll be charlie and all these girls can be my angles

    • Bigc2008


  • Mocs

    Oh man, I LOVE the gap, no reason to mind it!

  • G!A

    Whoo made it!

    • SimonPhoenix

      Which number are you Gia?

      • G!A


        • Ray

          Very VERY nice!!!

        • http://www.blacksonblondes.com Simon Phoenix

          Congrats! Absolutely amazing. YOu shouldn't ever be shy about sending in! Sorry took so long to respond .. TAX SEASON is draining me.

          Have you thought about sending in a Burn Your Bra, with a face pic too?
          Once again Chivette .. CONGRATS!

  • Trav

    #19 and #23 are doing it right! Moar of those 2!

  • Shawn

    #1 Full body pic please thank you

    • SATexas4life

      You sir are a genius.

  • TnChiver

    Doesnt get much better than #3

    • KCCO

      yeah, it kinda does. she's got a fat ass

      • purp

        what the hell is wrong with you? she is top notch

        • KCCO

          whatever you say "bro"

      • Paul

        More like a "phat" ass. I'd love to be friends with that thing. Perfection.

    • wokka

      that is fine fine fine, nice tiny waist and perfect ass!!!!

    • Crack

      I agree, we need a lot moar of this one

  • https://www.facebook.com/george.witkowski George Witkowski

    Never get tired of that one…

  • TheHypnotizer

    #12 Never a better time than now to wish I was a brick.

  • Kyle429

    #3 Dat ass. MOAR!!

    • Guest

      she already is moar. that ass is huge. not attractive

      • Guest

        You sir, are insane. Not an ounce of cellulite on that thing. Stop banging twigs and enjoy sex.

      • Gallus

        That looks like an optical illusion to me. The thong she's wearing enhances her cheeks. I think that butt and gap are near perfect. I like!

    • Matt

      Is there any chance people could please stop saying 'dat'?

  • MattyP

    #18 T.G.I.M. !!

  • devin skolaski

    #1 oh my my oh hell yeah girl gotta put on your party dress

  • passwordistaco

    #19 Nothing sexier than plain white cotton panties, and that ass of course.

  • berkshires

    #19 LG?

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