• Austin Ray

    By the way… did any of you count your seconds, or are you just assuming that it did? I counted and at the tenth second the ball was in possession of the receiver?

    • Mike

      False he gets possession at 6 seconds and doesn't release until 17…

  • WillyB

    Forward motion… Is this in Canada?

  • shaunvw

    I would actually watch basketball if it were more like football.

  • Cole

    CALM DOWN about the 10 second violation. The basketball crossed the halfcourt line when the scoreboard clock said 7:50. No violation, chill out

  • Darren

    is that like worth 20 points because he's white

  • perryinjax

    Who the hec was supposed be guarding number 14? He failed miserably 😦

  • etcrr

    Like what the fuck are they doing?? OOpps too late, Score!

    • etcrr 127p

      I suck

  • Ian

    Does anyone else recognize the Falcons Nest sign painted on the wall and how it doesn't have an apostrophe?

  • cianciabella

    coolest coach on the planet

  • Jake

    The Celtics started that shotgun formation, therefore they get 0 points for creativity and a backcourt violation.

  • jay

    there is no 10 second violation on a tip off in high school basketball

  • Jukebox

    Ladies and Gentlemen, From my hometown of Pleasantville, IA, #14 in the program #1 in your heart… Mr. Hunter Van Haalen!

  • Cools10


  • Nargon


  • M.O.T.

    Impressive but not post-worthy, not even waste 30 seconds on Youtube worthy. Couldn't give a fuck about hoopball.

    • Burt reynolds

      agreed. no more african tree hockey please chive. k thanx bai.

  • Aaron

    Chive, you're KILLING me with these 30 second ads on EVERY video for a 21 second video……come on guys. Corona better be stroking someone reeeeeeally good.

  • tLoko420

    Who's their coach, JaVale McGee?

  • Annoyed

    Love how the video is 22 seconds, but the ad before is 30 seconds, come on chive!

  • noegod

    I know nothing about sports except that, that was pretty slick!!

  • Brian

    Look at those fans go wild. All seven of them…

  • Tom

    A 31 second ad for a 21 second video? Really?!

  • bobsaggotsays

    30 second add for a 20 second video… nice

  • suck my glock

    30 seconds of commercial to watch a 21 second video? Need a "skip this add" like You Tube and porn sites…just saying.

  • WaikikiWayne

    Like a Boss

  • Nathan

    Shitty D damn.

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