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  • MosSef

    Just how John Wooden Lombardi drew it up.

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  • joe

    30 fucking second commercial for a 20 second video? Come on Chive.

  • rob

    will be one month for every time I was forced to watch this commercial before I buy another dirty skunky beer in a clear bottle.

  • gadaffhid

    What impressed me was the white kid can dunk holy shit

  • Jon


  • Aaron

    10 second violation!!!! Kids had that ball in the back court for way too long….idiot refs. And that wasnt amazing at all, in fact, it was quite fkn stupid. You'd know this if you ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME.

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  • Patrick

    not bad for a bunch of white guys either.

  • @JimPerry13

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  • Timin Phoenix

    "Now excuse me while I go back to my study of Klingon" wrote the original commentator.

  • drummer113

    I'm surprised the other team didn't think to play defense despite this crazy shotgun play. Seriously… run to the guy who has the ball and D-up!

  • Smiddy

    Rule #1: Don't look at the ball. Don't these guys know that?

  • Mary

    Where's the defense… nobody was guarding the guy who dunked it.. pathetic…

  • Dave

    You all missed the obvious foul: He was across the line of scrimmage when he threw it.

  • Mike

    No way is that disrespectful, it's a distraction that led to 2 easy points. Pretty genius

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