This is all true. Seriously. No really. (39 photos)

  • Tomatso

    Have you seen nigellas ass though? That's where it all goes…

  • Thor

    #39 If you can touch 'em They're real.

  • Ulvhade

    #24 I need to win the lottery so I can buy ad space on a bill board in New Jersey and enlarge this for all to see

  • Scooterhey

    #39 I didn't even notice the hat said "FAKE". I guess I don't really care if they are.

  • Guy Manningham

    #6 doesn't work for me. I actually enjoy pooping in public toilets. Saves me having to buy TP and it's hilarious.

  • McAnonymous

    #4 is just some petty, jealous, lazy kid who wants the big life, but doesn't have the balls or the work ethic to go get it.
    If people like the one who painted the message didn't care about getting rich, then why complain?

  • Repo Man

    Hey – What's new Chive?

    Obviously NOT about 90% of these. *Headpalm*

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #38 Ouch…I don't know which side wrote this or if some other country, but it's still true in a way. You would have to live in Europe to feel this to be real. And not only Greece btw. But this is TheChive, a sacred place for so many of us, so let's leave these kind of things that only promote hate and racism outside of this wonderful community.

  • Matt

    #24 for sure. Half the people that saw this probably had to google him. Thank a soldier for your freedom

  • Maddog

    Major annoyed , you are a piece of shit.

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  • Vent187

    #29 why did you post the same pic twice, and right next to each other?

  • waltgator

    #16 you sure about that? lol

  • Jay ess

    Murph not forgotten…. With 20lb vest or body armor for time:

    1 Mile Run
    100 pullout
    200 pushups
    300 squats
    1 mile run

  • Melissa

    #29 Imbossibruuuuu!

  • kerry

    Number 24…….NEVER BY ME!!!!

  • George

    You must be ignorant… obviously

  • Redwing

    #24 Lt. Murphy and his brothers will never be forgotten. The Crack Whore is a distant memory.

  • Harvey Wall

    #7, totally false. I find women with smaller boobs waaay more sexy than bigger sloppy, sagging, sweaty, streatch-marked boobs. And the fake ones really make me gag. Ladies please believe me, your smaller boobs are very much appreciated. Don't mutilate yourself with the fake crap.

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