Abandoned police station is actually in Michigan, not Mogadishu (20 photos)

  • Dima

    #15 keep those parking meters off the streets!

    • Underbaker

      If you can find the key put up your own.

  • mewho132


    • pmtip

      Weird also.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Seems like there's quite a bit of evidence just lying around that place.

    • ChelseaRules

      Seriously. It looks like they were in the middle of a trial, took a lunch break, and all just totally forgot what they were doing and never reconvened.

      • Sally

        i want to lick your nipples

        • ChelseaRules

          *Scrollin' through Intensedebate* "Oh, look. Someone commented on my remark about the abandoned police station! I think I'll go see what they had to see about the gallery…

          …huh…this is awkward."

          • backseat chiver

            Please refer to DAR


          • Sally

            It's only awkward if you say no…we'll work our way down to your velvet recess later.

            • ChelseaRules


              • Sally

                Awkward…what about a rim job? Chicks like us dig the rimmer.

      • naa

        Me too

  • James

    Seems to me that leaving evidence, information and names / locations etc.. is a bad idea. Not to mention the ammunition.

    • James

      This is Detroit we're talking about… they kind of have a record for bad decisions

    • Paul from the gump

      What the fuck is wrong with Detroit? I mean who just abandons a fucking police station?

      • EnragedGonad

        The police did. HA! You haven't been to Detroit have you?

  • The Truth

    They should make a board like this in Call of Duty

  • josb

    Surprising that none of the books were looted #11

    • Tits

      There is no time to read when you are looting a police station.

      • mc gee

        probably aren't solid readers anyhow.

    • Dick Salad

      Steal books, learn law loopholes, profit… naw too much work.

    • krypto092108

      Re: #11: Those books are likely illegible by now, I bet.

      • Dirty_Dingus

        Do books have an expiry date?

        • krypto092108

          They could if the paper is as low in quality as newsprint… Comic books of yesteryear were, and you can tell that for looking at one… Also, these books were in an uncontrolled climate for how ever long they've been there… Like I said before, paper and the books they're made from are only as long lasting as their base materials: Paper, the string for sewing the signatures with, the glue, the boards for the front and back covers, and the leather/fabric for the cover's binding…

          • tapsnapornap

            They're probably not hand written texts from the middle ages…

            • krypto092108

              Those books are in excellent, readable condition. The paper used for those manuscripts and books was made from Hemp, and not from pulp(ca. some time in the 19th century).

              • tapsnapornap

                …I was not aware of that. But you really think those police books would be illegible?

                • Greg

                  Those are actually American Jurisprudence Law Books. Must have been the DA's office.

    • Ron

      Detroit, if they can't pawn it they won't take it, not to mention they can't read.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer


    • Yessirr

      Detroit. What would somebody who would loot a police station in Detroit need with books?

    • avreno

      *insert Michigan literacy rate joke* here

      • StanTheFuckinMan

        Books is like niggah kryptonite!!! I bet it's stupid honky kryptonite too. The jury's still out on the Mexicans.

    • J-Z

      it's not like skyrim where you can read a book in a matter of seconds

    • Paul from the gump

      Is it? Really?

    • http://www.facebook.com/urmomthinksimcute Andrea Daniels

      it's Detroit, we don't read here.

  • MarkFJ40

    What the hell?! They left a lot of dangerous shit there for the neighborhood kids to play with.

    • truth

      The kids playing in that neighborhood have more ammo than that.

    • sdawson22

      It's Detroit, you think kids there can't find that shit anywhere else…

      • elliott

        Highland Park is near Birmingham which is a fairly nice area. Its more of a historic mark than anything

        • Bham born

          Highland Park is hardly close to Birmimgham. It's on the other side of 8 mile and is just a section of Detroit. Probably should have checked google maps or watched the movie 8 Mile before posting this comment. It's almost 12 miles down Woodward Ave.

  • Tits

    I'm surprised no one was left in a cell when it was abandoned.

    • David.

      Police station, not jail.

      • Muffin

        Did you live under power lines as a kid or something?

      • The_Dood

        You're thinking of prison. There's a big difference between prisons and jails.

  • Yoga pants Judge

    ummm…#13 and #19 are a bit ridiculous! The cops leave an old handgun and ammo laying around? haha no wonder theres guns and shootings on the streets

    • goodguysfan

      The gun is obviously disabled. Not a real danger to anyone. The ammo on the other hand…

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      I'm sure your average street "entrepreneur" has access to much better equipment and supplies than the castoffs of a long defunct police department.

      • MAMCUBS

        Read that in a Clint Eastwood "Gran Torino" voice. Good stuff.

        • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

          Nailed it.

    • HobbesLeviathan

      The 'gun' is a dummy…what folks in the military would call a 'rubber duck'

      • Markus

        You're a rubber duck

    • DuckDitch

      Please shut up

    • mittens

      If you think the only guns on the streets in Detroit were taken from an old station house, you might be retarded.

    • SilkySapper

      the shotgun ammo is all birdshot, why would a police station use birdshot? and notice how the primers are all primers except one or two are not visible from the camera angle… pretty obvious it's a staged shot with dummy rounds

      • Dave

        The primers are all primers, huh?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Nobody ever steals books.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    I'd expect nothing less from Detroit.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Ah, Detroit, how do I love the? Let me count the ways. Number one, hmm, let's see, number one…

    • Buzz Killington

      amen to that. i'm surprised they didn't just set it up as a crack house before they vacated.

      • MgoBlue

        Has anyone ever been to Detroit?

        • fact

          ever eaten a piece of dinosaur shit? no? but you can be certain it tastes pretty horrid right?

          • Jim

            dont talk shit about a place that you know nothing about you ignorant prick

            • truth

              fuck off jim. facts are facts. your inability to face the truth doesn't change reality.

          • docyosh

            so fucking ignorant

            • truth

              ignorant? you are the one who needs to be educated you piece of shit

        • BHoke

          Yeah I live right outside of there. It's not that bad at all. Great food. Slow's BBQ, Pizza Papalis, numerous coney islands, the list goes on and on.

          • AdonAdonim

            Pizza Papalis! Haha Im about an hour south, go there only for the casinos……. soon to have our own anyway by Detroit!

  • EvilRoySlade

    #19 Free ammo!!

    • Underbaker

      Now if I were McGuyver, with this and a little duct tape…

  • Chris

    yep…. I live 3 miles from there (Highland Park)… it makes Mad Max look like a walk through the park. I go through it on the way to Detroit, no stopping… stop signs and red lights mean nothing…

    • chivers

      thank you negros

      • Chris


        • FACTSONLY

          just check the demographics. not racist, just the facts

      • The_Dood

        Uh oh. Somebody better report this to stuf or mayerjacoby or whatever the fuck that dipshit is called today… He's gonna sick his 3 twitter followers on you!

        • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer

          Because racism is funny right?


    • Underbaker

      So more like Escape From NY?

    • Mi Guy

      Turn your man card in. You make it sound alot worse then it really is.

      • TigerFan

        I live two blocks from Detroit city limits and I proudly have no problem riding my motorcycle anywhere in the city. It's shit like this that keeps putting Detroit in the dark ages.

        It's really a great city and you're kidding yourself if you don't think every major city doesn't have it's own set of problems.

        • Mi Guy

          Couldn't agree with you more. Chive on from the D!!!

          • thom

            Every city has problems, but nothing like Detroit's.

        • Escaped_SE_MI

          I will have to politely disagree. After 30+ years of living there since a young teen finally packed up the family escaped two years ago. Looking back it still astounds me how we always rationalized how bad things have gone and what a sad and depressing area to raise a family. It is really tough to go back an visit and not get sucked into that going nowhere atmosphere.

          "Shit like this" is not isolated and rare but so much the norm.

          Don't get me wrong – I know first hand making big change like that in today's economy isn't easy, but if you took a room of 1000 people with a big map of the US and asked them where they would want to live, not sure too many would choose SE MI.

          It's no accident that 3 out of the most miserable cites to live this year are in SE Michigan.

          • thom

            I have never been there, but have been around a bit. Those people on here from Detroit who are saying this is no big deal, all cities are like this are delusional. http://www.detroiturbex.com/
            There is no other city that has a website that shows off its abandonded infrastructure like this.

          • Tigers

            I blame your generation. Atleast mine is trying to do somthing about it to make it better.

            • Paul from the gump


              • Idius

                Dude, man! We're like protesting and stuff for equality! Hit this and let's go support the cause!

    • MartiniSteve

      I used to live around the corner from there and used to bang chicks in there all the time. Because, you know, I lived near there. And me and my buddy like to bang chicks and stuff… on garbage.

    • Pocket Shoes

      One does not simply stop in Highland Park.

  • Yessirr


    • Josh

      …is so gangster

  • Anonymous

    #13 yeah guys, just leave the guns behind, no one in Detroit shots one an other!

  • Dick Salad


    to get robbed…

  • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    #16 "And remember, be careful out there"

    As for the paintball idea, you probably wouldn't survive getting to this building in the first place.

    • longshot421

      Nice Hillstreet Blues reference, I had the same thought.

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      I can't help but think of "Assault on Precinct 13"

  • Steve

    Looks like this place came straight out of Resident Evil 2, awesome.

    • William

      That's what I was thinking…zombie walk anyone?

  • BigJoe

    Detroit, it's a grand city!

  • sdawson22

    #13 No, leave the guns and ammo, no one ever gets shot in Detroit!

    • Guest

      Yeah, but they took the cannoli, so it's cool

      • jjj

        Not a real gun so. evidence

  • ktck

    Detroit, Mogadishu… what's the difference??

    • KCCO

      what's in common?? both are run by black people…. awesome

      • TheAutomaticMan

        he said difference…. in one they have guns and pants around their knees listening to rap… the other they carry aAK-47s and machettes….. kinda a lesser of two evils thing if you ask me.

        • Truth

          I'm guessing KCCO was asking a rhetorical question.

        • Anomanom

          I didn't know they listened to rap in mogadishu.

        • FaceUSMC

          HUGE difference! One is one of the most dangerous places in the world not just America, and if you are American in that place you look like 1 of 2 things to them, a dollar sign or a meal!

    • punk

      right, you're an asshole in both places

      • truth

        Truth hurts sometimes… deal with it

  • steve zissou

    what an embarrassment that they would just walk away leaving a place like this. lazy pigs

    • snap

      yeah, gotta hate those lazy cops who do their job, those selfish pigs who give their lives, and the men and women who also put their lives on the line to be spit on by us hard-working, law-abiding citizens. of course if one makes a mistake, they all make that mistake, amiright!?

    • truth

      There's no way the leo's were also the moving crew. They probably had been re-assigned to different precincts long before the packing/moving crews came in. Blame the union movers that probably got the bid for the moving.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer

        Ah yes, it's always the unions….


        • John

          Your constant condescending comments amuse me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Durty1 Eric Sailor

    Paintball for sure I would play there

  • Robert

    Now i'm just waiting for the guy to tell us how racist TheChive is


      just Google "Detroit demographics" or "detroit city management".

      • FACTS ONLY

        It's not racism.

        It's facts.

  • DemoPenguin

    #11 ? If those are encyclopedias they might be worth something.

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Probably cost $30,000 to buy in the first place. Buy now you have access to all that information on your phone. They might as well be dinosaur bones.

      • DemoPenguin

        Eh. call me old school. i'll only own a smart phone to keep up with the stock market, i like books too much.

        • Dirty_Dingus

          I like books as well…but I read them for enjoyment. For reference material, I'd much rather have an easily searchable database than a bookshelf full of heavy books that were up to date in 1974.

    • SilkySapper

      because cops are often in need to research the extremely rare red panda… (that was sarcasm)

      They are obviously law books.

    • Logicyup

      Those are case books. Probably a judges or prosecutors office. A row of those could cost you about the same as a used car in okay condition.

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