Abandoned police station is actually in Michigan, not Mogadishu (20 photos)

  • Vent187

    Should make this the location of the next Chive get together.

  • liquid nails

    They should clean it up, decorate with dull decor add a pool and rent it out for $3000 like that barn in the other post.

  • Fuzzy

    Recent or not, it's just another shining example of how a self-decaying, nepostitic beauracracy, that ignores its' responsibilities to the public, allows this to go on. And if the previous administration leaves a mess (always) then the next one follows suit. I'm surprised some cheap, lowlife 2-bit mafia wannabes haven't been hired by the city to level it. Who knows, maybe they were & this is the result! Accountability?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.loehrer Mark Loehrer

    I'd write something like "Wow the racist comments are worse than the actual "article" which cherry picks an intercity building that could just as well been in bankrupt/welfare addicted rural Missouri (majority white)" but then, I'd forget what website I was on.

  • Anonymous

    thats right by my work, i wonder whats still left in the evidence room

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=596932485 Warren Coe Meadows

    These pictures make me want to go play Fallout 3 again.

  • Shat_Thrice

    I'd rather live in Mogadishu

  • Rywilly

    What I don't understand about this building, and hundreds of others in Detroit, is they appear to have been abandoned virtually over night. Even with government property such as this, no attempt appears to have been to vacate the premise in an orderly fashion, or to salvage furniture or other government assets, even evidence and firearms.

  • irons

    This liberal democrat created socialist paradise is coming soon to your city too!

    45 years of handouts and zero personal responsibility leads to this.

  • truestory

    I’m from the mitten and proud of it. I only live about 30 miles from there

  • jimmy

    is that the station from precinct 13

  • MartiniSteve

    I used to live near there, so that makes me important.

  • Jerry

    Wasn't this used in that crappy movie Precinct 13….?

  • Henry Gibson

    I was watching an episode of "Life After People" on TLC or the Discovery Channel, and they had an entire episode of what Detroit looks like right now. They threw out some ridiculous statistic like 25% percent of all buildings are abandoned. Not just empty, like the tenants moved out, but ABANDONED, like they just walked away in the middle of the night. Homes, police stations, schools… just left there. It's really kind of sad.

    Having said that, I would love to see an FPS set in this near-post-apocolyptic setting.

  • John

    anyone else think robocop when they see these pics?

  • yomomma

    Seems like Obama was full of shit saying shit is getting better in Michigan.

  • Nicnac

    Independent horror movie, there's your set right there.

  • Jim Bob

    Gee thanks Chive, nothing spreading some negative rep around about Detroit. Does this mean next week there will be a gallery of all things awesome about detroit?

  • Grendel

    Paint Ball would Rock, Up until the Paintballers get mugged right outside…

  • Trey

    Definitely paintball. Could do that scene from Terminator.

  • stabcity

    people set photos up like this all the time, although the building and most of the remnants are real i promise you the guns, ammo, books, and possibly parking meters are planted. the scrappers would have taken all that stuff (not the books) putting those objects in an abandoned police station makes it more edgy and outrageous

  • naido

    #1 looks alot like the police station in red dead redemption

  • Guest

    Looks like Nova Prospekt. Think I saw a dead Vortigon somewhere in the rubble……

  • tdub

    Yep, that's my city. My mom was born in Highland Park. A different place 70 years ago. Sad.

  • thetech2

    detroit rock city more like Beirut in summer I have heard stories about that place baaaaad stories colleagues did some work there you couldn't even leave a cop car parked in fron t of the police stations without armed guards nice

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