All lingerie is edible in my book (45 photos)


    #12 now if only I could get my girlfriend into these!!! soon…

    • Kevin Ireland

      Are you saying she is too big for this outfit, or is the blow up doll just hard to get dressed?

    • Gomer

      Big or small, thick or thin, Vasoline will get it in.

    • Bob

      Would be great to see your GF in those!!!

    • SouthWard

      I'm married. I don't know what this word "lingerie" means.

      • HatBomb

        Its comments like that that make me want to avoid marriage FOREVER!


      baby i told you time & time again, my balls will fall out the side and you be gettin' all angry with me again, yellin' shit like, "I ain't gay – it ain't my fault I be in love with a boy who be almost a girl except for his junk, etc"

      quit playin' and get yo sweet ass back 2 bed. i cold.

      • MICHAEL

        Incredibly unchive-like. tsk tsk

    • Diggers

      Even better if you can quickly get her out of them after getting her into them.

    • flip money

      If I could make her my girlfriend

  • 80's Baby

    #13.. lovely..

    • Whoa!


    • rAs

      Let me finish that statement for you, "… vagina."

      • Patty


        • rAs

          Hey "Patty." I'd just like to point out that you're subscribed to my comments just so you can prance over here and post the unoriginal insult, "douche," to every single one of them regardless of content. You should invest in a dictionary so you can learn a creative new derision, and learn what "irony" means.

          • Rhonda


        • Sally


    • BuffaloJustSayin


    • Bob

      I want to pound that into the ground

    • Dancing Man

      side vag.

    • fluffy

      i don't think shes wearing any undergarments

    • mayhem117

      and you can see vaj also, i wonder if that fell through the cracks on purpose… lol

  • dodo


  • tongystunter

    much better than short hair…

    • truth

      in fact, she has no short hair at all….

  • PinkMember

    yummy yummy

  • Panigale

    #13 O_O Can it be??!!

    • JRK

      Favorite EVER!!!!

    • kcco

      yes… we have a poon sighting

    • broxstar

      i think you're right i see it!

    • my god

      good god people. if you wanna see a vag, Google.

      • Panigale

        Were just fackin around. Lighten up you goat-feckin hillbilly.

    • Notme

      I see London, I see France, I see someones….. Oh wait, I don't see any underpants!!!

  • billyjoebob

    There can only be one first…this is the barrel id choose from..

  • Spanky

    Awesome! Nice job Chive. A post worth scrolling moar than once.

  • zoxymusic

    #30 and #33 Sooo Yummy!

    • Yessirr

      #30 is gonna be hard to beat. ever.

      • bobby

        #30 is perfection… #33 I wish I had one of those in my hotel room (sigh)

    • steve

      33 is kinda hefty…no?…..big boned I mean

      • ted

        scumbag steve!?

        Sees girl in lingerie he deems chunky

        leaves to beatbox with friends

    • funkmaster

      f#33 real woman and real sexy.

    • steve

      33 is TWO real women

    • rick

      Find her!!!!!!!!

  • Jammy

    #13 Fantastic, would like to see the rest

    • itsatrap !

      Those are some man hands.

      • Matt

        They ARE! I was thinking that too.

  • echogeo

    #13 #16 #34


    • Jammy

      #33 You missed one…

      • AmBush Steve

        You both missed #5

        • shaunvw

          yeah how the hell did you guys miss this one? Even in the tiny thumbnail pic you can see em

      • Dan

        how did u miss those?

    • truth

      who is #34? beautiful

      • @unicornsRnice

        Cintia Dicker

  • Gf gf

    Is #20 giving a beej

    • CapitaBlaster

      she's also a fatty

      • the dude

        Doesn't matter – still giving a beej.

      • ChelseaRules

        What? What kind of impossible standards do you have?

      • Dancing Can

        Fatty? are you serious? I bet you only ask out toothpicks. Yes, I mean the box of 250 found at your local grocer.

      • Lotahorio

        Newb does not know fat chick = best bj.

        That said, this one aint fat.

        • ChelseaRules

          Ain't no head like a chubby chick's head.

    • Paul


  • ST33

    Marry Me.


  • *dash*

    wow #3 and #21 that is all. oh also find her

    • Steve

      #21 is Zsuzsanna Ripli (NSFW)

      • Ted

        thanks Steve!!

        warns me that pics are NSFW

        knows I'll check anyways

    • Jeff

      #3 is Carolina Alvarez.

  • thatwasfun

    #30 will never get tired of seeing this picture

  • Stan_Dalone

    Open letter to the Chivers

    How is it a troll who is intensly hated by most everyone somehow gets 154 votes up? When what she says, has little or nothing of any value.

    Especially when her goal is to reach a plus score. So how is she managing to do that? Well I did some research, it turns out you can buy a plug

    in on-line for 45 dollars american and it by-passes the Perma-Link. So you can effectively keep voting yourself up. The only other way is if you

    OWN the site and you can by-pass it anytime you like. After a several hour confrontation with the people who run paula this is what one of them

    had to say: "Chive guy • 3 hours ago iIf you knew who Paula really is it would blow your feeble mind". So the boys in the office run paula,

    isn't that right LG?

    • Ned_Plimpton

      #2 #30 #33 On another note….

      • techno_viking

        You forgot #34…

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      #32 is better than your letter.

    • Martin_McFly

      soo… you're surprised by this?

      One could have easily deduced that by the "fan quotes". No one can comment as quick as Paula and still get the comment on the first page.. even if the comments are saved to a separate file for copy-paste purposes…

      All in all.. what does it even matter, She's the one we love to hate – no matter who controls her.

      • Paula_

        Aw c'mon, you guys wrote the fan testimonials yourselves!

        – Fan testimonial: "Bob or not, Paula has got to be part of the Chive staff – Maybe you're that HOPA chick? Who knows. Who cares. We like Paula as much as we like Bob and the rest of the Chive. It's all good and I'm not complaining one bit – I think the Chive rocks! I just have a pretty good feeling that everything is not all that it seems with this Paula character. "

        • Martin_McFly

          I love you Paula

          • Martin_McFly

            Damnit… I hate you Paula…

        • Dirk

          Mmhmm, you go girl.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Actually I have always though 'Paula' was a fictitious character created by theChive staff… Also #25 has a killer HEINY!!!

      • truth

        needs to eat a few less cheeseburgers

        • truth

          #9 & #40 are the truly perfect butts here…

          • Gunner

            I agree

        • Taylor

          few more*…? nah, she good.

        • kyle

          Change your "name" to Douche instead. Much more fitting ,you tool

      • Paula_

        Shut up about me being fictional, I might start to question my existence…

        – Fan testimonial: "Paula, how the hell are you going to maintain such an awesomely bad negative rating if you start posting up gems like this? – Justin Hall"

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Too long, didn't read

      • TheAutomaticMan

        You're fortunate…. some people just can't enjoy a great post by theChive. Even if it did contain some pretty awful boob jobs…… o_O

      • shannonsmom

        you mean "can't read".

    • TeeHee

      "several hour confrontation" You so funny, Stan.

    • MmmYeahRight

      You wanna know how I know you're gay?

      • Stan_Dalone

        yes i would like to know you dont know me so stfu you coward you have no honer no integrity so go wash the bullshit off your face cause you have bullshit all over it

        • zed

          What's a honer?

          • shaunvw

            I have a honer for cleaning my cylinders in my shop. works great…not sure what it has to do with knowing how Stan_Dalone is gay though.

        • MmmYeahRight

          Lol, well, now that my face is nice and clean, you asked for it. So, first, I know you're gay because you posted this crap in a gallery full pictures of beautiful women, without mentioning the women. Second, and I'm only saying 3 words here, "Grammar and Spelling." Thank you, that is all.

          • Stan_Dalone

            fuck you just fuck you your one of paulas minions and cant think for yourself so just stfu shit for brains

            • John

              haha.. the literary giant has trounced upon thine comment with wit and witticism the likes of which we haven't seen these past many years.

    • Paula_

      And who's LG again, the chick that got amnesia? I dunno, I forgot…

      – Fan testimonial: "You are a comedic genius Paula. It's really just that simple. 🙂 – LG"

    • truthserum

      BRAVO Stan_Dalone!! If Chive hadn't have banned guesty he'd be congratulating you as well.

      There are MANY other chicks on here who say the most banal shit – yet they get thumbs-up because lonely chivers think that they are somehow connected if they do so. LG is their inspiration (but now she is oh so important and can't post half-nude pics of herself anymore and encourage people to be as courageous as she is after being molested years ago).

      Pathetic eh?

      • Dr. Evil.

        At least Paula isn't mayer.

    • derbymon


  • Jammy

    #30 & #31 are straight up sexy.

    • FaceUSMC

      I said GOD DAMN when I saw them both!

      • Jammy

        Love that crease right at the leg and hip… plus the heels. Magic.

    • TheBAMFinater

      #31 Tiny Eye calls her Laura Dore

    • bingo

      Who is #30???

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    So. Sexy.

    • yep

      looks like shes pulling her cheek aside to let out a fart, silently.

  • LucretiusCarus

    #20 This image must be cropped. Rather suggestive hand posture there…

    • CapitaBlaster

      it also suggest's she likes cheeseburgers

    • WarWizard

      That's my wife and I regret to inform you that she's not giving me head in that photo. She's got her hand tilting a fedora, but didn't want to be recognized outside of the home or workplace (again, regrettably because she's quite stunning).

      • @oplock

        A tip of my hat to you then, good sir. You are a lucky man.

  • m&m

    All I can say is my god I love women

  • iambigd42

    #40 perfect

    • Ballistik


  • Kodos

    #5 #15
    Blonde Candice, or Brunette Candice?

    The world wonders….

    • ST33


    • truth

      naked Candice

    • ddd

      #15 is pretty fucked up…

      • c fearghur

        Yes, she is. Somebody removed a couple of inches of torso from her right side. Flesh eating censor?

    • Josh

      Makes me crave some pepperoni.

    • bob

      why can't we have both?

    • callme

      Blonde Candice all day.

  • E Tex

    #19 I must know who this is?????

  • ST33

    Jaw on the floor


    • Elcastino

      It's Pinky once again gracing us with her amazing posterior!

    • Ray

      THAT…is a fine ass if ever i saw one.

    • thadudewhochives

      Always a pleasure to see Pinky! what happened to her tumblr account its gone!?


      • R2_Pinky

        Hi! There was an unfortunate crossing of work and play, and things got a little too close for comfort, so we had to make the sad decision and pull it. But I'm still here chiving every day, and posting when I can! 🙂

        • thadudewhochives

          It's alright, you're just a whore anyway.

          • R2_Pinky

            How, exactly, does being in a monogamous relationship and not sleeping around make someone a whore? I’m guilty of being a girl who works hard and likes to make people smile with my pictures (that only my fiancé takes, btw), but you are a silly, confused boy when it comes to what the word whore means! 🙂 KCCO

            • SimplyD

              you truly are a beautiful woman Pinky, many thanks for the photos!

  • Martin_McFly

    #9 Oh Damn! That's fucking amazing!

    • Paula_

      Image search Norma Stitz for tons more where that came from!

      – Fan testimonial: "I can't help feeding the troll. Seeing you here is like watching a donkey show. I don't want to watch, but I don't want to miss anything either. Every night I use steel wool to scrub off the shame and funnel borboun, but I keep going back to the same donkey show."

      • Martin_McFly

        No Way! Anytime you suggest a search its like pouring bleach in the eyes.

        • Paula_

          Oh up yours! I promised TONS more, and that's exactly what you get.

          – Fan testimonial: "Just when you seemed that you possibly might have a heart, and were capable of acting like a human being paula, you go a fuck it up….the 2 of you grinches should be ashamed of yourselves…"

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