Are you a fan of the short hair? (35 Photos)

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  • Clay

    These women are indeed beautiful. But I personally prefer long hair.

  • AnActualChivette

    Not all short hair cuts are as dikey as these, you could've done better. Diana Agron is the ONLY one that looks hot…and like she likes boys. (and OMG does she look hott!!)

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  • Chris B

    Not a good selection of short haired beauty. You've shown better. Love the short hair. Takes me back to the days of Tinkerbell and thechubby I got watching the opening to The wonderful world of Disney.

  • Angelica

    I, personally, love short hair. It's a personal choice, really. I have short hair (I'm a girl) because when I had long hair, it was always super thin, always greasy–no matter how often I showered–and just… displeasing.

  • Mik

    Yes x999 million. They'd look good with long hair too. I guess i'm not picky.

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