• MisteurX

    In Soviet Russia…

  • pbb005

    omg…fuck that!! dumbest shit i have ever seen

  • John

    anyone know what song this is?

    • DJ BC

      Suicide By Star – God Is An Astronaut

      • John

        thank you!

  • pufffdragon

    I see ropes

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566726435 Quentin Amrani

      me too

  • Julian

    go big or go home

  • ashton

    its only a matter of time till we watch someone die on a go pro

    • wait wut

      people on go pro are professionals not like this guy even if he have massive balls or no brain

  • Noegod

    HOLY FUCK THAT NOISE!!! I just about vomited when he pulled himself on to of the star!!! I guess there's no wind in Russia huh? And he came to his senses and started freaking once he was on a secure platform! I wonder what kind of jail time they got?

    • Mark

      Why hello there Prof. Snape

  • SgtDelgado

    I got vertigo just from watching this! This dude fucking crazy!

  • Brandon

    Hey how are you guys doing tonight…I know we are going to make it tonight…ugh

  • Gabor

    what happens if rain starts when hes on top haha

  • Jordan

    Stupidity at its finest

  • No Thank You


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