I hate my job (31 Photos)

Are you like whatevs when it comes to your job? Send your photos to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #25 gotta find that

  • MattKL

    #24 You look pretty productive to me…


    #7 I hope they are getting counselling.

  • noegod

    #21 I do not envy you at all!!!

  • Cara

    #22 MOAR!!
    -love a sexy chivette 🙂

  • Fred

    That picture came out of an OSHA training manual, it's old an old pucture

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  • https://www.facebook.com/adamlbryant Adam Bryant

    If #24 showed up more on the Chive, I wouldn't hate that.

  • Otter

    #20 had one of these where I used to work. Eventually I got curious and found the key – It was a crawl space between two floors created from a remodel. It was also a hidden 'break' room some engineers were using to hide. And so did I.

    #24 needs to stop by my desk next time she's feeling unproductive. I'm sure we can come up with something.

  • ma nam a borat


    Well there's your problem

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.nails Brandon Nails

    #24 OMG totally smoking hot !!!!!

  • bz1

    #24 Awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1118930572 Corey Kohler

    Nobody? I gotta do it? I gotta point out the obvious mushroom stamp reference that is #6? If she really does have a hammer under her desk, I no longer think she's kinda cute.

    Also…. For the love of all that is sexy. MOARRR 24

  • BonerBeater

    I am sure # 7 is just a prank, So whats evryone gettin shity pants over ?

  • q-tip

    #25 THEY'RE!!!! My pet peeve. Two, to, too. Their, they're there. Wether, weather. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Back to #24 to calm down.

  • Always Last


  • Guest :)

    #25 sweet!

  • Jon

    #24 we need to talk. I think i fell in love

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  • Anonymous

    No I WILL be attending the BWW meet tomorrow!!!!

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