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Same-Side-Sitters: Acceptable or Annoying? (10 Photos)

You've all seen it, the couple at a restaurant voluntarily sitting on the same side of the table rather than facing each other. Some people find it to be a little awkward, others find it downright annoying; couples sitting side-by-side awkwardly craning their necks to talk to the other person inches away. Where do they put their elbows?

Many foodies and dining junkies will tell you same-side-sitting is aesthetically imbalanced (especially at a booth), it's just not proper restaurant etiquette, whatever that means.

My buddy's a waiter. He and his coworkers refer to same side sitters as “S3's (S Cubed)", or 'Triple S'. He added, "S3's are always the worst PDA in my place."

In their defense, same-side-sitters have many different reasons for their one-sided choice. Some are just trying to show extra affection, others like people watching. For many Triple S's, the seating arrangement just works for them, why should we care? Do you?

  • gwf

    Wonderfully astute self critique. Now carry on and get a hug from someone.

  • juuuu


  • Buckethead

    who gives a shit, you care if two folks are sitting on the same side you're a retard, and… having said that, you should probably be shot.

  • Meagan

    So if there are 4 people, 2 couples shoul it be girls on one side a s boys on the other do you don't feel stupid and awkward (as you idiots put it).
    I think if this is the sh*t you worry about you need a life. If you're gonna accuse someone of being a shitty tipper, then you'll give them bad service from the get go, and you deserve the tip you get! My bf and I have always done this and it's because I like sitting next to him, holding his leg and enjoying his company!!!

  • Always Last


  • Justin

    Just so happens both my lady and i were taught to always know where the exits are. be able to see who comes and leaves a place. So we sit like this in general. never even knew it was an issue

  • 1/2 Deaf bastahd

    Yes, I sit next to my girlfriends when I have the chance. Why? Because I'm slowly losing my hearing and I can't hear a fucking thing from across the table in a loud bar or restaurant.

    So yeah, sorry I can't learn fucking ASL or lip reading fast enough to account for some chiver's delicate fucking sensibilities.

    Christ, maybe if any of you people actually had been WITH a woman before you wouldn't make a big deal out of the littlest things.

  • I_ME

    well hey, I do what i want!

  • Karlee

    Try giving a hand job from the opposite side… Haters!

  • DukeKeyjo

    sit where ya want, son. this is silly.

  • Mullex

    Jealousy is a dish best served on the Chive.
    People wonder why I'm still so affectionate with my wife after 13 years. Because I love her so much.
    You Jealous Bro?

  • server11

    I am a server and I always make fun of these people. It's just awkward to sit next to each other instead of across from each other.

  • JAyEss

    Fucking Chive. Everytime I give you another chance you come up with some shit like this….

  • Mark

    It is quite a bit easier to "cop a feel" doing the S3! Been married 25 yrs and if I want snuggle and touch (fondle) my lady, then S3 it is! I agree with the back to the wall tho and the people watch.

  • harry hagmar

    SSS can have a distinct tactical advantage under certain curcumstances. ie. half booth with 2 chairs the booth offers better cover and concealment than the chair. The corner booth, face the wall or sit on the same side and have a full 270 sweep of the entire room.

  • AmericoPolk

    Same Side Sitters are the worse

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  • Evan

    #3 and #7 let's stare at a wall together

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