Summer is near, a dog’s worst enemy returns (33 Photos)

  • stabcity

    dogs are the worst, so stupid

    • stonewall_79

      Agreed, no use for them no grace at all.

  • KeepCalm617

    #6 — you probably don't want to piss off the pitbull… Just sayin.

  • Master_Rahl

    #12 Dogs & kids are on the same page when it comes to summer fun

  • Ballsy McGee


  • Euhhh

    At least april 1st was awesome. With all the cats. Dogs suck

  • Hry

    #29 looks like someone's just thrown a stuffed dog across the garden…

  • silky johnson

    #12 is an awesome picture, I feel robbed not having a dog growing up now

  • JohnD

    #11 Gotta keep'em clean for the bitches

  • whaddup

    #11 like a boss.

  • Rafael-RS

    i don't understand why do dogs have to be betters than cats or vice versa

    they are both amazing animals and having one, either one, increases mental health

    btw, i have 17 dogs and 9 cats

  • ladiedragonfli

    There you canine freaks! Take your dog photos and stfu about cats now! :p

  • etcrr

    I have never seen a dog not go cray over a water sprayer

    • You're a dick face

      …"water sprayer"??? Is that retard for sprinkler?

    • Hi Stan!

      HAHA! Stan said "cray". You so hip Stan. That's why I love you. Cray over a spray-er. You're a riot!


    • fuckstickstan

      Jebus, you really are a fucking idiot

  • ekgraider

    Impressive to show how completely stupid dogs are in just one post. Cat Saturday bitches!

  • Altz6288

    29 what exactly are they watering besides the dog?

  • Digib Flarlee McZzzz

    Had a dog that chased any splashing water. When she tried to swim, she would sink as she tried to chase the splashes her paws made. Good times.

  • stonewall_79

    Same picture different dogs in the same post, that proves how predictable and stupid they are, boring.

  • Harry H-d Sinner

    #11 doesn't matter….had sex

  • Anonymous

    Dogs are awesome!

  • Mike

    Can we get these exact same pics except with females??

  • mr. effya

    #11 like a boss

  • Gus

    #11 like a boss

  • Lexie

    my dog's biggest nemesis is actually the vacuum.

  • Rainmaker2112

    #4 Chuck Norris' dog > water sprinkler

  • sacmaggot

    Is anyone else reminded of slo-mo combat, like in 300, when they look at some of these photos?

  • Stefanie

    Can't wait to see how my new puppy reacts to sprinklers…I'm betting it'll be like #24

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