Summer is near, a dog’s worst enemy returns (33 Photos)


    #29 WTF are you watering???


    Love this post… I think its good to have the cat posts as a thank you for the generous contributions of the Chivettes, but we need more dogs. Domestic cats suck!

  • What? Who Me? No...

    #11 "ahhh thats the spot"

  • COmountainChiver

    Can we get a puppy Sunday? Dogs >cats.

  • cumminsdsl


  • Joshua Jeffers

    #11 and #24 have master it

  • WayneZzWorld13

    Enemies that have set aside their differences

  • noegod

    It's about damn time you give us a dog post Mac!!! Fuck cats! They're only cute when they're little, before growing up to be total shitheads! Dogs are loyal!

  • mamadukes

    But one of these pics aren't yours, Chive….shame.

  • Darrin

    33 reasons? They're all doing the same stupid shit with the sprinklers and i dont see how this could be a reason at all that dogs are better than cats…

  • Dogs


  • mysterioso

    AAHHHH I’M HIT!!!!!

  • Richard Wm. Narlian

    I have absolutely NOTHING to say at this given moment

  • Jacquelin

    Well, there is the odd bull out by my place but I try to avoid them, that and my full-face protects my real face. It is nice out and a hliadoy today so I probably will go play in traffic, got new rubber and a new fuel map to play with, thanks!

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