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The Royal Guard can get a little hot under the collar (22 Photos)

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Somebody needs to give these guys a Japanese hand fan or something….

  • kris

    At least they have a helmet. Probably doesn't help much but better than full on contact with the pavement.

  • Fran

    # 13 Needs a mother fucking exorcism!

  • the mac

    Bend your knees! Lol

  • mookow

    #6 Dear Diary, Jackpot!

  • "VR"

    gunny always said "you damn fools better not lock out yalls knees"…..

  • Shant1k


  • aSouthernChivette

    Never lock you knees!

  • Elijah Heetderks

    Knee lockers, the lot of them

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Wow…no one cares…so much camaraderie…

  • dwide schrude
  • dwide schrude
  • Dr. Evil.

    Have that man executed.

  • Fridge Magnet

    Or you could not do such stupid things.

  • @Cupcakeebabii

    Nope. Looks like planking pros to me.

  • Vikthor Lobo Torres Rosales

    fuck man !!

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