The Royal Guard can get a little hot under the collar (22 Photos)

Somebody needs to give these guys a Japanese hand fan or something….

  • Ryan

    Das it! Firsties?

  • Ryan


  • Tim Hilke

    When I was in the old guard we used to call #15 eating a summerall salad..face down on summerall field and you get dragged off, grass stains and all…

    • TDarr

      Were you out in DC? Im with the navy ceremonial guard and we always see the air force guys going down.

      • Dick Salad

        Don't lock your knee's bro, true story

    • freddy boy

      What a priveledge to see the Old Guard; best I ever saw.

    • SilkySapper

      In the Canadian Army we call it thundering in. The "new army" you're supposed to take a knee, but no one with a pair will ever do that.

      • Kristin Hinchman

        By the time you consider taking a knee ur face is in the ground.

        • Greg

          Cool story…take off your top.

    • MylesofStyles

      This is what I like to refer to as "A Typical Saturday Night".

  • Emmet

    Its the position of parade rest that does it. When you lock your knees in place it restricts blood flow from your legs and it slowly reduces the amount of O2 your brain gets and after a while its lights out.
    Happened to me in the Marine Corps when I had to stand in that position for four hours one day.

    • Tim Hilke

      that and drinking your face off the night before…that ususally doesn't

      • 0331

        What do you mean "The Night Before?"

        • Robert

          Minutes before?

          I wonder, how many in the USMC have had this happen?

    • Bubba

      BOOT! Why do you think people yell at you not to do that?

    • chaosd

      Yep just don't lock you knees and you'll be fine.

    • eddy freddy

      I was in the Corps…u don't lock ur knees dumbfuck-

      • Sally

        dont have to be so mean about it -_-

        • Molly

          Shut up you dumb whore.

      • will

        You were in the marines…and you're calling someone a dumbfuck? Hello pot, meet mr. kettle.

        • Munikhoi

          We Marines like to help perpetuate the myth of the "stupid Marine". It makes our enemies underestimate us…plus they all have that cute surprised look when we kill them.

          • Bob_Loblaw

            you are doing an exceptional job of perpetuating the myth.

  • RandomTask09

    Even fainting, the Royal Guards orders are to 'faint to attention.' They're awesome guys to put-up with all this pomp and circumstance.

    • SadeShadz


  • Joe Money… I dint want to go to school all the kids make fun of me

    • JHL1

      #13 <— That's all you need to do.

  • etcrr

    Not as easy as it looks

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Falling over's difficult?

    • Hi Stan!

      #4 TIMBERRRR!!!!

      That's a good one, right?


  • lardnapkin

    I served In The Danish Royal Guards 86-91 and can relate….Heat, Bearskin and a HUGE hangover = faceplant

    • Royal Arty

      That, and of course you are all a bunch of fags with a love of shiny objects and a history of retreating when no one else does.

      Nah just kidding, served with you guys in the dessert, and there was hardly any flagrant homosexuality.

      • Vice

        You got a weird sense of humor

      • vandinz

        You sound disappointed.

      • Chris

        You served with them in the ice cream sundae or chocolate cake? Desert has one "s" in it. 😉

  • Marchy

    those suits are stupid hot, pair that with locking your knees, its bound to happen

  • Agnes

    Formations suck ass, can't say it's a fail on their part in all honesty. Could you stand for hours in a uniform made out of wool and make it? It's not easy.

  • Doug

    There is always the ONE that falls.

  • Vice

    Not really in the spirit of the forces to just let him lay there…

    • vandinz

      Oh but that is exactly it. Duty first.

      • Calm

        I guess by "duty" you mean standing around doing nothing, rather than helping a fellow soldier?

        • 0331

          The military personnel will remain in formation, there are Medics/Corpsmen who will rush to the aid. The Serviceman or woman will not lay there for more than seconds. If the pictures were panned out, you would see medical personnel rushing over.

    • Guz

      I always thought that. Everything else was all about your mates, until he flakes on parade then he's on his own.

      • Justin

        military parades are all about discipline. Unless ordered too noone moves. If a man goes down there are people to retrieve him. It takes alot of self control to watch your buddy wobble then thunder in and not move a muscle but its a part of the game.

        • Jerry

          you must be so proud.

  • J0R

    I thought locking the knees was discouraged.

    • cdnop

      There are a few tricks that if you're lucky will be taught early on, if not you learn the hard way.

      Simply flexing your leg muscles and wiggling your toes will keep the blood flowing which helps and it goes unnoticed.

  • hamish

    Norwegian Royal Guard! Ive been one of them once, Without the flaceplant…

  • Young Comfy Jones

    Royal Guaarrrdddd…. Fog from all around

  • Giuseppe Black

    Find Them!!!

    • Jen

      my grandfather was buried at arlington two months ago – that was some patriotic shit right there. thank you, color guard! 🙂 i also saw some of you staring at me when you werent supposed to be 😉

  • N8orius

    Don't lock your knees. Learned from experience at a wedding.

  • bojo

    #19 Find her!

    • Steamboat Willie

      The guy kinda looks like Bashar al-Assad so I would guess that could be his wife Asma al-Assad.

    • Eduux

      just Princes Letizia Ortiz from spain

  • dashete

    #17 #9 The women seem to know how to fall over better.

  • Jimmy

    "Crap, Sniper!"

  • Clover

    They all were just watching the first 5 minutes of the latest Two and a Half Men episode.

  • neo

    #21 Fuck this shit, I need a nap.

  • Thoridin58

    In the USMC, the standing order was that you maintain your position, whether it's Attention or Parade Rest, even when someone passes out. You just let them "complete the movement" and wait for assistance.

  • deegee

    face plants are hard on the old teef. good thing they have a good dental plan over there…oh wait…no they don't.

    • MBF3871

      actually the danish royal guard gets free dental care.

    • Ggh

      Way to stereotype douchebag

  • GFY84

    #19… Assad the implailer makes a state visit!

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