The Royal Guard can get a little hot under the collar (22 Photos)

Somebody needs to give these guys a Japanese hand fan or something….

  • Rosco

    I used to be in the royal guard…but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy


  • Bon_nie

    The ones that fall backwards are the lucky guys. In basic training there was a guy who piled in during a parade and smashed his jaw up, there was blood everywhere!

  • StaticFX

    #21 – at least the British are smart.. they wear big pillows on their heads to absorb the blow….

  • anon

    # 19 is the president of syria and his wife

  • Kristen

    #14 looks like they are carrying off a giant toy soldier lol I feel for these guys, it can't be easy with that many layers, standing for that long, and if it is hot outside, I know I would pass out.

  • Damian

    For being ceremonious bullshit, it's pretty funny. Considering these guys have to stand there wearing shitty clothing all while some figure head who has no real fucking power rides by, walks by or queefs in their general direction I applaud them. Thank goodness they are learning all that on the job training for after the guard, you know like working in a factory pushing a fucking button and standing next to some stupid machine. Way to go, morons. Let's get real, more important things going on.

  • Rico Paulson

    thats happened to me before…standing for long periods with your knees locked will do that to yah

  • Paul

    There's a reason they beat "Don't lock your fucking knees" into us for every formation for a long fucking time. Seriously, it's not hard.

  • Ian

    #13 looks like Jim Carrey

  • rader

    I hate long formations i'm our uniforms let alone wool ones id eat shit just to get out of there haha

  • Larry

    I've been there before, anyone who's ever been in any form of military knows how much formation blows

  • facepuncher3000

    don't lock your knees!

  • Paul

    #8 He got thrown off a horse, got up, walked to the side, stood to attention while whoever was in the vehicles passed, then pretty much fell over again

    • SilkySapper

      you can tell, he's not wearing the same uniform as the other men in the picture, he's wearing riding breeches and white pants. There's video of this on youtube I seen.

  • _Moose_

    Nice purse, dandy.


  • dain.bramag3d

    Planking at its finest!

  • Master_Rahl

    #3 #7 It's funny to see the fellow guardsmen leaving one of their own face down (or up) and remaining in formation. Must be something their told to do. Makes for quite the photo op, though.

    • gusto

      I see some smirks in #3. 🙂

  • freddy boy

    Waited at parade rest 4 hours for a 4 star general to take over his new command in the Panama sun – saw a WHOLE bunch of these. Learned that generals just don't give a damn about you and your heatstroke.

  • BB23

    Don't lock your knees! keep a slight bend, even at attention! (USAF here)

  • Anonymous

    The first thing they tell you at boot camp. DON’T LOCK YOUR FUCKING KNEE’S OR YOU WILL PASS THE FUCK OUT. NOW GET ON THE GROUND!

  • fwef

    Ouch, yeah dont lock your knees highspeed.

  • Timin Phoenix

    While in the Marines, since several had fainted during practice for a Change of Command ceremony, they had us put bayonets on our rifles. They thought it would serve as an encouragement not to pass out.

    Hey, they expected us to wade ashore a hundred yards while being shot at from a pillbox so I guess that made sense.

  • moeshere foxdale

    Talk about not helping, oh he fell fuck it…I look good shessssssss

  • Chubby

    LOL zombie face #13 Brrrraaaaiiiins

  • HotashNerd

    Good post!
    #13 is awesome

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